Jade Grigori

Curator of the Sacred

A Curator has the dual responsibilities of maintaining the integrity of that which is curated, and of making accessible to the people its established value.

The Sacred is something of inherent spiritual value, imbued with qualities that provide transmission of the Soul’s essence into pragmatic, embodied realization by means of Mythic activation.

As a Curator of the Sacred it is my honor to caretaker a compendium of knowledge, storytelling, ceremonies, dances, healing practices, meditations, methods, and ways of Myth as an approach to Spirit.

The honor of this obligation is one passed to me by my predecessors, ancestors and mentors… my Grandfathers and Grandmothers, and the Spirits who hold me accountable.

Guided by tradition, birthed in authenticity, speaking the language of the modern world, I seek to make these practices available free of the glam and fluff that one so often finds in association with similar practices.

You will not find, in my offerings, simulations or emulations of Native American (or other) traditions and ceremonies. You will find authentic Earth based ways of knowledge and, hopefully, wisdom, presented in a respectful manner. If this appeals to your sensibilities, and you have an earnest desire to engage your own spiritual path with assistance from an ancient and authentic heritage, please explore the rest of this site.

~ Jade Grigori