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I am a Curator of the Sacred. The ceremonials and knowledge of ‘the Ways’ that I carry are ancient in source and wisdom. When a ceremonial is activated between you and I, physical proximity is of no consequence. Engagement, however, is. Engaging through the medium of the internet – be it by telephone, email or a video call – our communication is what establishes the connection necessary for us to mutually access the Tapestry of Creation in the non-local realm.

You will not find, in my offerings, simulations or emulations of Native American (or other) traditions and ceremonies. You will find authentic Earth based ways of knowledge and, hopefully, wisdom, presented in a respectful manner. If this appeals to your sensibilities, and you have an earnest desire to engage your own spiritual path with assistance from an ancient and authentic heritage, please explore the rest of this site.


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  A Word About Ceremonials Done Long-Distance I am a Shaman of the 21st Century, a Technician of the Sacred. The ceremonials and knowledge of ‘the Ways’ that I carry are ancient in source and wisdom. A responsibility of myself as Shaman is to make the songs, teachings and ceremonials accessible to the People (that …

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Eagle’s Egg Meditation

Eagles Egg Meditation If you have found value in this recording, please consider offering a donation. Thank you.


Springing out of the shadowed Cave
To feast upon the orb of night
Jaguar leaps and bounds from his Nave –
Powerful and sudden his bite.

Jaguar brings Lost Souls from the Shade,
Who slept amidst eternal dark,
To journey the Sky-river laid
White with bones and fiery spark [more...]

“In that time before there was Time, there was Grandfather Fire.  Around Grandfather sat the Circle…”



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