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Addiction and Nested Entities

Addiction and Nested Entities Addiction. Some say it is a disease, others an affliction. Treatments range from incarceration, residence in recovery centers, 12 Step, nutritional rehabilitation, and emotional therapy. Each of these, I am sure, have their place as options in the course of a person’s intention to become free of their addiction, of whatever …

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Aynana, Danina, Erlikan and Mén-zu

Aynana, Danina, Erlikan and Mén-zu An Embrace of the Feminine Now – March 18, 2018 How does one go about delving into the Realm of Erlikan, the Underworld? How does one maintain focus on the purpose of embracing Danina, when we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of our own demons of guilt, shame, fear …

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