A Note Regarding Fees

A Note Regarding Fees

I was in conversation with someone after they had attended one of my ceremonies. They had a question.
Questioner: “What is the fee for this ceremony?”
Me: “Fee? Uhhh… put in the basket according to the value you have received. If you were merely entertained, put in what you would have spent on an evening out. If you received more than entertainment, put in accordingly. If you feel lessened by the ceremony, please take some money out of the basket. I don’t want anyone to feel less-than by their experience.”
Questioner: “Hey, that is cool. So… how much does it cost?”

All I could do is shake my head in wonder. I have since come to understand that industrial-world peoples often have no innate sense of value, only of worth. I no longer resist that, no longer seek to conform their cultural mannerisms to my own. I now simply associate a fee with the offerings.

However, if you really feel that you need help, and just do not have the fee asked, know this:
I would never turn away a person in sincere need of help just because they do not have ‘X’ amount of dollars in their pocket.

If you feel that any of these offerings of healing are just the thing to bring you to that place necessary for your well-being… ASK! If you are truly unable to offer payment, I will most often ask that you pay-it-forward through community service in your own town.

I am not a business. Shamanism is not a business. This is my life, my passion and life’s calling. As such, it also must fulfill the role of providing me my livelihood. I am in deepest appreciation of all the support, trust and worldly means that you, who do call upon me for my services, have provided me. Thank you!

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