A Shaman’s Dream

A Shaman’s Dream


I’m awake now. Within this once somnambulant realm of images and feelings, fears and fantasies where awareness only dimly had tread have I awakened. Mythos is the name of this land, Soul the populace, garbed in gossamer veils swirling to reveal a sultry eye- the Universe!, auto poetic associations of love and death reverberating in the air. Muse and music merge as one experience of Being. Sanctified desires made manifest in emotion and action drive the content of each breath’s determination. Body and Mind churn the Soul’s milk into divine curd to feed and fuel both our restless discontent and our bliss. Peering from beneath heavy lidded rapture we glimpse- but only glimpse- the holy understanding of synchronized happenstance which fills our moments with awe, and makes our lives worthwhile.

Ahh! Home! It is to home that I have come and here I will remain. Senses alert, the knife of awareness honed, to perceive that which would deceive, paring away the dross with this fine edge of perception awakened, that I may conceive. And in my Spirit’s conception will I incarnate anew my heart’s desire in this land of all-potent potential.

There are those asleep who are born of the World and dream. There are those awake who are born of the Dream, and dream the World. The Dreamer has awoke, lucid within this Dream called the World.


Passion is a fire raging, roaring, consuming my Soul! My passion is my Spirit’s desire expressed in thought, deed, action and bliss, the passion of freedom- the freedom of the world. Not simply the freedom from something, is my passion, nor to become, but the freedom of Being. My passion is my yearning and all consuming drive. My passion is my responsibility.
My passion is my responsibility. Throughout the many years recently gone by have I worked the internal work, freeing my mind and emotions from culturally encoded patterns of dysfunction, clearing myself of personally held attitudes, addictions, beliefs and fears- as you have, as we all, in the Spiritual Community, have. This work, however, is not an end unto itself, but rather a beginning, a preparation. It is time for us, individually and collectively, to now pick up the torch of our Spirit’s impelling desire and give manifest expression to that passion. This passion is the vehicle of the world’s transformation into the splendor of our dreams. Let us now heed this call to action.
Passion in action is manifestation. We have talked the good talk, envisioned a time of peace, freedom and harmony in our world. Each of us have carried a thread of the greater Vision within our bosom, and have sought to free that thread from the entanglements of our era, and eras past. We must begin, in earnest, the next step of the creation of the Vision. This step requires that we take action. To weave these threads into a tapestry is now our task.
The Tapestry of Creation. Weaving the Web of Consciousness. The Song of Life. The Matrix. Networking and internet. Metaphors all. Regardless the metaphor of choice, we must join together that which we hold unique in our Vision to that which is singular in the Dream of another, of each other, to create a grounded manifestation of our Spirit’s desire. It can not be done alone. When we are at peace within ourselves, and with ourselves, we are no longer in reaction. From this place of Peace we may then resonate with the Vision of another, participating in the manifest expression of Harmony thereby. And when this we do, we have created the safe place to each express ourselves in accordance with our Spirit’s desire, and this state-of-being we know as Freedom. The action taken herein to bring this condition of Peace, Harmony and Freedom about is resonance.
To be able to resonate with another’s Vision is to accept, in trust, the inherent beauty and rightness of that person’s Vision. The only way that we can come to that trust is to realize that that which is right and beautiful for one Spirit is always right and beautiful for every other Spirit, for the Vision of Spirit is the same for each of us, with its individual nuances expressed through each individual’s particular capability. Resonance is not a thing unto itself, but rather a condition of intent operating within our Life Force field (Shamanically referred to as ‘Power’.). Just as sound cannot traverse a vacuum, intent has no affect unless there is a medium for it to be transmitted upon. This medium is our Power, our Life Force, our very Life itself. When we set our Life Force field to resonating with our intent, our Heart-of-Heart’s desire, our Passion, we create a condition whereby we are able to harmonically resonate with another in a like state of intent empowered. As we conjoin in Harmony our essence with the essence of two or more we begin to sing the Song of Life throughout Creation.
Sing the Ceremony of Creation! Pulsing rhythms move our bodies in sacred Dance. Joining hands/minds/hearts of Peace we bring into Beingness the Vision in Freedom, with Harmony and Balance with all of Creation. Earth, Air, Water and Fire, formless in essence coalesce in concordance with our Matrix Weaving- this the action of our Passion.
My Passion is a fire, my Life is alight! I am a wildfire, sending my sparks into the tinder of the World’s awareness. Catch afire! Flame your Passion into a blaze unstoppable. Carry your Vision into Being, sing your song and awaken your neighbors to their own Passion! Bring your Passion into action, manifest your Dream!

Jade Wah’oo Grigori is a Caretaker of ‘the Ways’, an authentic Shamanic lineage.