Authentic Ancestry

Jade-artI fully honor my Ancestors and Teachers, the ones who have come before me in the carrying forth of these Sacred Ways. Now, as an Elder myself, the time has come to don my own cape and let it be known that I stand here still, honoring that which the Traditions honor.I am a person of the Earth. This is my land…the mountains, deserts, seas and skies, and all who live within that domain.

My Vision is no less than to initiate the Shamanizing of the World. It is time.

Jade Grigori is a Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples.

He underwent his first Shamanic Initiation, that of Death-by-Intent, in 1956 at 5 years of age. Jade Grigori received direct initiations and training from his Ancestral Spirits who guided and instructed him in the rigorous endeavors of journeying into the spirit-realms, ways of healing and accessing Knowledge. Rigorous apprenticeship and oversight by his Elders prepared him for the eventual responsibilities of being a Curator of the Sacred.