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Addiction and Nested Entities

Addiction. Some say it is a disease, others an affliction. Treatments range from incarceration, residence in recovery centers, 12 Step, nutritional rehabilitation, and emotional therapy. Each of these, I am sure, have their place as options in the course of a person’s intention to become free of their addiction, of whatever type. The one glaring omission amongst these is the spiritual approach.

Shamanism continues to provide insights and treatments to support humanity’s ongoing struggle towards autonomous dignity. The situations being faced by contemporary peoples are not new, nor unique. They are deeply ingrained as a part of the human experience. Addiction is an ages-old dark companion of our species. Shamanism, with a tried and proven history of success in meeting the needs of people in addictive crisis, is no less effective in today’s world. Please read on to learn of the Shamanic perspective of addiction and one of its underlying causes…and its effective answer to the problem!

Nested Entities and Addiction

When a person has had a traumatic experience or is indulgent in emotional drama or substance abuse, there is a dissonant frequency that is generated from within that person and broadcast into the surrounding environs. There is a specific type of entity that resonates in the same frequency band as these disrupted emotional states and indulgences. They are able to hone in on the generated frequency and ‘swim’ upstream to its source. Once the entities have entered the field of the person who is generating the dissonance, they take up residence. They nest. While the entities are inhabiting the person they are feasting upon that person’s life-force and vitality.

Now, it behooves the nesting entities to keep the person in that disrupted or indulgent state, because as long as the person is generating the dissonance, the nesting entities are able to remain in presence. Towards that end, the inhabiting entities stimulate worry, annoy, irritate, and otherwise activate a continuance of the disrupted emotional state so as to ensure the proper frequency in the field that will enable them to remain within the person so infested.

This provoked irritation by the entities causes the person who is infested to act out or fixate upon the very thing (emotion, trauma, drug, etc) that is both highly debilitating to the person, and that maintains the environment the invasive entities require to remain in presence. Thus the cycle of addiction is initiated, not from a psychological nor even chemical fixation, but from the action of the invasive entities. In these conditions, try as we might to free ourselves from the addiction to substances or attitudes or behaviors that are found to be so self-destructive, we continually succumb and slip into habituated patterns and addictions.

Shamanic Healing

The Shamanic response to a person caught in the throes of addiction is of a spiritual nature. We recognize that for any other adjunct therapies to be truly effective in supporting a person to free themselves of the cycle of addiction the underlying spirit invasion must be contended with firstly. What this entails is a twofold approach. The dissonant charge of life-force, that drew the invasive entities in to start with, must be transmuted from a life-negative state into a state of positive empowerment. The Nested Entities that have taken up residence within the affected person must then be removed in such a manner that they are no longer capable of returning. Only when these conditions have been met will the person have a chance at remaining free from the pit of addictive behaviors.

What You Can Expect

Freedom… freedom to have your united will and passion carry you forth along the pathway of your Spirit’s purpose in life. Empowerment… the gifts of your life’s calling are readily accessible and available for you to implement. Success… all the modalities that you have employed to bring about an end to your addiction and suffering will finally show themselves to be effective, as they are no longer being negated by the Nested Entities.


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