Aligning with Spirit’s Purpose

You know me, I am a storyteller, so I will present a storyline.

As I know my work to be, it is to aid and assist a person to come into a greater degree of relationship with their own autonomous path of self-realization, their Spirit’s purpose. When, in the course of a person’s life, there is an incident that disrupts the natural course of a person’s flow – a trauma or intense distraction – that person then diverges from their path into life-as-it-is-being-lived. The person, so affected, will experience a sense of lack of fulfillment in life. Something is felt to be missing, even tragic circumstances might continue to unfold. Being disoriented, discombobulated, a sense of having lost one’s spiritual compass, no place feels like ‘home’, these are not uncommon experiences. Now imagine that a person has suffered numerous such traumatic displacements. The degree of disconnection becomes amplified.

My work is to help a person get back on track, most often by dissolving the traumatic charge that maintains the deflection from Source, and providing tools (ceremonials) that help the individual find their way back to their original path of Spirit’s purpose. Also necessary is the awakening to what that purpose is. Typically it is not an activity or career. Rather, it is often the awakening to and embrace of the essence of Spirit’s desire being expressed in whatever it is that a person chooses. That is, while a person might come to believe that their purpose is in rescuing and caring for abandoned animals, it could be that that is just the form of expression the person is comfortable or effective in doing. It may be that the actual Spirit’s desire is being in Service. That Service could just as well be fulfilled in parenting, working in the Peace Corp or setting up a soup kitchen for the needy. In this instance it is Service that is the calling, not the type of service being given. Of course, this is but one example. Spirit’s purpose might be any number of callings, such as Healing, Communications, Mentoring, Justice, Compassion, etc. Again, it is less relevant as to how those tasks are carried out than that they are carried out in alignment with Spirit’s purpose/desire/intent.

Giving a storyline example:

A person takes great joy in running. They find they are fast and efficient in their ability to run. This leads them into competition running. In this they excel, and feel a great sense of purpose fulfilled.One day, while running, in training, along a trail a boulder falls from the hillside, hitting them. That person’s ankle is crushed in the incident. Surgery to fuse the bones of the ankle are the only means of saving the foot at all. The person is now no longer to run, let alone compete. Of course, they will be devastated. Their sense of purpose is no longer able to be engaged. They may fall into depression, addictive behaviors, or simply settle for a menial job just to get by, as all life seems bereft of purpose for them. However, the Spirit’s purpose is not action specific, it is essence driven. To reconnect with the essence of one’s purpose requires being in touch with one’s Spirit. Then may one’s awakening into purpose arise in expression in a new action.

In the manner of the work that I bring forth, the intention is not to merely heal the wound the person has suffered. It is rather, to dissolve and transform the traumatic charge that has diverted the person’s life course. It is in the gap between our authentic Spirit’s path and our life-as-it-is-being-lived that disease, discord and dysfunction exist. Where once there had been anxiety, fear and anger, there will be found, perhaps, anticipation, curiosity and insight. When this is done effectively, it is not that the person may then return to the point where they diverged and pick up life where they left off. That is not possible. However, when the traumatic charge is dismantled and transformed, the wedge that caused the divergence is no longer evident and the person’s life path will naturally, almost magnetically, be drawn to re-engage the original life path that is in accord with Spirit’s purpose. As the liberated life’s path comes into proximity with the original life’s path, its threads, composed of all the experiences (good bad, painful, joyous) leading up to that moment are rewoven into the original and authentic sense of purpose. One of the hallmarks of a person who has healed themselves of their past, traumas and wounds is that they come to no longer have regrets about their life experiences, even if they, with certainty, would choose to not do them again.

Recognizing that in the complexity of life what I have just described may be but one of many such diversionary paths, and may therefore require a consistent devotion to reconnecting with one’s Spirit’s path, it still holds true that the greater sense of being rewoven into one’s sense of purpose is evident. To the degree that we are able to come into a closer alignment with our Spirit’s purpose, so is the gap between our authentic path of life and the experience of life-as-it-is-being-lived narrowed. As a consequence there is less of a field of opportunity for disease, discord and dysfunction to disrupt our lives. To the same degree may we then declare ourselves to be healed.

An important element of my approach to working with a person is that I trust them implicitly. When I ask them to describe their experiences and the phenomena surrounding their situation, I accept what they say as being true. If they tell me they are caught up in their own mental and emotional projections, I trust that they are indeed so caught up. If they express to me that they are being attacked by inter-dimensional entities, equally do I respect that as being true. It is not my job to talk them out of a particular perspective and supplant it with one that is comfortable to me. Neither do I sit there, silently thinking that they are just engaged in magical thinking or indulging in a delusional belief. I accept what they tell me and respond to that. Likewise do I trust their intuition. If their intuition is telling them that that are suffering from a curse, I will ask them if the curse is personal or generational. I will not try to convince them that if they would only stop being a victim that they could take responsibility for the creation of their own reality, or some similar dismissive response. A person who is brave enough to present themselves by asking for help is a person worthy of being trusted without the over riding insertion of my, or the general culture’s, belief systems. I know and trust that these expressions of their experience is their own Soul’s way of communicating the nature of the difficulty they are embroiled in. Who am I to attempt to circumvent their Soul’s truth by providing a rationalized explanation of the transcendent?

I have not, in this article, gone into the specific ceremonials for the dissolving and transformation of traumatic charges. That is a topic best engaged through direct transmission and pragmatic application with oversight.

This article is in no way intended to be a how-to instruction. Rather, I am sharing the unique insight and perspectives garnered from a lifetime of experience, based upon Knowledge passed down from the Ancestors through the many generations. As such, this that I have shared is in the spiritual caretakership of myself as the Curator of the Sacred. It may not be transmitted nor adapted without specific permission of the author. Permission is granted to share in whole, without edit, and with proper attribution, via social media for the purpose of informing others of this perspective.

© Jade Grigori ~