Alignment of the Three Souls

Alignment of the Three Souls

Earth + Underworld + Celestial

We have three aspects of the Soul: Earth, Underworld, and Celestial. The alignment in balance of these three Souls leads to harmony and empowerment in the expression of our Spirit’s purpose in life.

Earth Soul Retrieval: September 14th

The Earth Soul Retrieval will be done remotely. Upon completion, a report will be sent to you via email. When you read, from a meditative state, the report, the Soul Retrieval ‘clicks’ into place.

Our Earth Soul processes linear perceptions, handles cognitive functions and short-term memory. It is this aspect of our self that manages our immune system and overall health. When the Earth Soul is fully embodied and functional we experience life from within our bodies, we see the world through our eyes and perceptions in a sensate manner.

When the Earth Soul has become dislodged or disconnected we often times feel that we’re watching ourselves living our life, rather than being the one living it. Mental fogginess, difficulty with deductive thought processes, feeling disconnected or discombobulated, these are all indicators of the Earth Soul’s disconnect from the rest of our life. We find that we can’t remember where we put our keys. When reading a book we must stop and scan the previous paragraphs just read in order to keep the progression of the story or article fresh in our memory. At times we will feel as if the world is just a dream that we are drifting through. When we go out in public, or to social gatherings we move into a state of overwhelm; the thoughts, feelings and health conditions of those around us become indistinct from our own. It is hard to tell which emotions, thoughts and experiences are ours, and which belong to another. For those whose Earth Soul is disconnected these experiences I have just described are not momentary or atypical, they are the stuff of daily struggle, maybe not all of these, and perhaps not all at the same time, but recognizable as a continual part of ‘how life is’.

Underworld Soul Retrieval: September 14th

The Underworld Soul Retrieval will be done remotely. Upon completion, a report will be sent to you via email. When you read, from a meditative state, the report, the Soul Retrieval ‘clicks’ into place.

If it is the Underworld Soul that is disconnected or missing the symptoms are very distinct from that of a person’s experience of their Earth Soul being gone. As the Underworld Soul is the point of attention from which we dream, the person has dream difficulty. This difficulty may be an inability to recall dreams, or having no dreams at all. Dreams may be disturbing, dreams of being chased, imprisoned, tortured, lost and adrift, unable to find one’s way back home. As the Underworld Soul is the storehouse of our Power, when that Soul is out of sync we no longer have easy access to the life force stored there. (This is rather like having money in your bank account, but you have lost your ATM card and can no longer readily withdraw what you need to survive.) As a result we are lacking in energy to accomplish life’s daily tasks, can’t seem to get the passion fired up, living in a state of malaise. Neither do we have the life force charge to maintain our health; we become susceptible to colds, the flu, infections and the like. It is this life force field that resonates with emotive thoughts, feelings, experiences and impressions: the stuff of memories. When the Underworld Soul is in a state of disconnect we suffer from long-term memory loss. Specific chunks of our past may be blank or hazy when we consider them.

Celestial Soul Integration: September 16th

The Celestial Soul Integration is an interactive experience. We will meet on Zoom to engage the ceremony together. This will be at 2:00 pm MDT.

Too often the Celestial Soul/High Self/Inspirational Self is perceived as being ‘out there’ or somewhere above us. When this is the case, we are unable to effectively find response from Creation to our Intentions, our Heart’s Desire. In order for our Celestial Soul to be engaged, it must be brought into embodiment.

During the course of this online event, instruction will be given for you to reconnect with your own Celestial Soul so that your Intentions/Prayers are more readily made manifest. Once learned, you will be able to utilize this method of engagement for yourself whenever you choose!



A) Fill out the Registration Form and include:

  • Name
  • Your current age
  • Your heart’s desire, in a few words. Example: Joy, peace of mind, clarity of purpose in life

B) Go to the Payments page, and click on PayPal. Submit a payment of $333. You may use a credit card.

C) I will email you back an acknowledgment of receipt of your request and payment once I have received both.

D) I will fulfill your request for an Earth Soul Retrieval first, then the Underworld Soul Retrieval.

E) I will then email you a short description of what transpired and any pertinent details. Both reports will be sent to you before our Zoom ceremony for the Celestial Soul Integration. and any communications or comments necessary for the fulfillment of your retrievals, if any.

Thank you for entrusting me with your Soul. It is a responsibility that I hold with utmost sincerity and honor.

~Jade Grigori