All Gods Return

Please read the first installment ‘Tezcatlipoca

All Gods Return

As is the way with all gods, their return is eternal. Not just the gods of Spring and Winter, nor the gods of righteousness. All gods return. The return of the gods is fed by the calls and supplications of their disciples. And so it is that…

Tezcatlipoca Awakens

Lord of Darkness. Lord of Corruption. Lord of Destruction. Tezcatlipoca. A necessary god. A god who lifts suppurating flesh into sight. A god who reveals the depth of ignorance and lust for violence. The cult members congregate. Each cult‘s partition displays their own insignia: Red hats with the bill of the duck, the hieroglyphs of conceit upon them. Rectangular banners of a sideways cross and stars, the pride of a defeated nation. White cloaks and conical hats that hide the identity of the wearers. Hand-signs flashed to communicate solidarity with other cults. Weapons of metal proudly displayed to show the intent of violence. These, the signatories of decay and hatred, worn as a regalia of those who exalt in fear and vituperation. They are those who have already lost, and yet know it not.

Machinations of pride, refusal to be humbled in the face of defeat, they rise again from the swamp of their own defeat to call upon their Lord Tezcatlipoca once again. Lies and blood are the offerings they make to their god, and he, Tezcatlipoca imbibes of their appeasements with a smirk, as he despises even his own supplicants. They, his minions, are naught but the self-bloated cattle upon which he feeds. Emboldened and embodied as the Chosen Leader of these nefarious cults, he dispenses the nectar of deceit which fills the darkened hollows of their Souls with caustic vileness.

All gods return.

Quetzalcoatl Arises

When the Moon’s obsidian mirror bleeds red, and the Sun’s visage is then swallowed whole by the Jaguar, these are the initiators of Quetzalcoatl’s arousal. Arising from his own ashes Quetzalcoatl – Lord of Light, Bringer of the Dawn – as a whirlwind sweeps across the Landscape of Souls. Quetzalcoatl. These signs are upon us, imminent in our skies.

Spiraling winds sweep west from across the sea, purge the land, lay low what in hubris was built. The shoulders of the Earth shudder in her slumber, and fire is not permitted to sleep. Rising before the Sun, Quetzalcoatl/Morning Star returns, having banished Tezcatlipoca into his Cave of Darkness once again.

In this poetic reappraisal of the contemporary dynamic of Duality (the very foundation of existence) as expressed through the gods Tezcatlipoca (Venus as Evening Star) and Quetzalcoatl (Venus as Morning Star) who represent the descent into Darkness and the Rise into Awareness, respectively.

NOTE: This poetic reappraisal is not intended to be a commentary upon the classic Mesoamerican mythologies of these gods. It is wholly and solely an auto-poetic storytelling presented by Jade Grigori ©2021.

The features represented in this storyline have symbolic references:

  • “A necessary god.” Quetzalcoatl being the God of Creation and Tezcatlipoca being the God of Destruction are both vital elements for the continuation of life, as are Summer and Winter.
  • The reference to ‘red hats… with hieroglyphs, etc are clearly pointed towards cults that are active today.
  • “When the Moon’s obsidian mirror bleeds red, and the Sun’s visage is then swallowed whole by the Jaguar” are references to a Lunar Eclipse followed by a Solar Eclipse. These, contemporaneously, are due on November 19th and December 4th, 2021.
  • “Rising before the Sun, Quetzalcoatl/Morning Star returns, having banished Tezcatlipoca into his Cave of Darkness once again”: Tezcatlipoca is Venus as the Evening Star. This year Venus drops below the western horizon (into the Cave of Darkness) on January 8, 2022. Quetzalcoatl is Venus as the Morning Star and rises, reborn, into view in the morning eastern sky on January 15, 2022. That is, Quetzalcoatl has banished Tezcatlipoca and returns in a new incarnation.

During the interstice of the Lunar Eclipse of November 19th and the Solar Eclipse of December 4th, 2021 (the ‘Smoky Mirror’ and the ‘Jaguar Eats the Sun’) I will be participating in the dynamic mythic engagement, utilizing ceremonially the forces of Tezcatlipoca in lifting into view the dark and hidden wounds within the Soul, and the powerful transformation that occurs to such Souls as they are eaten by the Jaguar. Souls undergoing this transformative process emerge into one’s life as Quetzalcoatl in nature. If you wish to have me Shamanize your Soul in the time between these eclipses, please let me know!

For details and to register, click on this link: Lunar/Solar Eclipse Activations