Ancestral Continuum – Soul Sintering

The One Soul

We Earth Peoples are moments in a Continuum reaching back through our Ancestors, moving forth into the Generations to follow. We are not separate individuals…we are One People in many bodies throughout time. The Continuum is eternal. It is ever present as the experience of Now. Our Awareness is that of One Soul expressing through many lives in Consciousness. My Consciousness — in this moment, in this life — is that of the Ancestors and the Generations-to-Come, raising its head, drawing a sweet breath of life, as it swims in the river of the Continuum.

My thoughts and feelings, deeds and unresolved misdeeds of this life contribute to the overall composition of that One Soul, and become a constituent part of the Soul of The People. I have a responsibility of gratitude to the Ancestors, who have provided this momentary Consciousness with a rich harvest of blessings, as do I hold it an honor to lovingly assure the Generations that follow something good and beautiful from which to draw upon for their Consciousnesses.

I am not alone. I am of something much greater than ‘me’. I do care what others think of me, and of how I care for them.

Soul Shards

When seen from this perspective, those who proclaim their spiritual individualism — as witnessed in the dissociative states of non-duality, disengagement from mutual interdependence, and all the attendant ills of contemporary industrialized civilization – what is revealed are splintered Souls. Shards of the Soul, separate, individualized and suffering in anxiety and loneliness are what remain. These Soul Shards have no relationship with the Ancestors, hold no obligation to the coming Generations. Adrift. No longer of a Continuum. In order to keep themselves afloat these unfortunate Soul Shards, expressed as highly individualized but disenfranchised persons, grasp and cling to anything and everything that will provide them some semblance of a greater belonging, whether this be the appropriation of the cultural and/or spiritual practices of others — who are still of a Continuum — or the senseless accumulation of plunder manufactured to appear to be things of value, and, unconsciously, in vain hope, something of a fulfilling essence.

Living life as a Soul Shard is not, however, a fault. It is a consequence. It is a consequence suffered by someone whose very Essence, their Soul, has been shattered by the normalization of a society’s willful disconnect from its conscience. When conscience has been discarded, rapaciousness abounds. When conscience is divorced from the Soul, self-regulation of behavior is vacated. And when we are dislodged from the Continuum, and no longer have standards of accountability to our Ancestors and the Generations to follow, we are left with only self-satisfaction in the moment to guide us in our choices.

Soul Sintering

Are those who suffer from having had their Soul splintered hopeless? Helpless? No! While Soul Retrieval is the required means to return one’s Soul that has disengaged due to trauma, a Soul Shard is not amenable to the same. Soul Sintering is the process whereby the Soul Shard is merged back into the One Soul within the Continuum. There exists a template, a hologram if you will, from which the dynamics of manifest experience emanates. A Soul Sintering is akin to a reintegration of the Soul Shard into the crystalline matrix of the One Soul so that it now exhibits the intended Pattern of Being. With a Soul Sintering the person is immediately awoken within their own conscience, and a deep Knowingness of one’s relatedness with the Ancestors and future Generations in co-equal accountability is activated.

Should you choose assistance in the reintegration of your Soul Shard with your One Soul, you will find that once again you are of the Continuum. You will find you are of something much greater than ‘me’. You will know the care, and love, of others as being a comforting embrace. You will embrace others in care and love. You will come to know… You are not alone.

Jade Grigori
Curator of the Sacred
© 2018

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