Earth Soul Retrieval: Request

Requesting an Earth Soul Retrieval:


When the Earth Soul has become dislodged or disconnected we oftentimes feel that we’re watching ourselves living our life, rather than being the one living it. Mental fogginess, difficulty with deductive thought processes, feeling disconnected or discombobulated are all indicators of the Earth Soul’s disconnect from the rest of our life. We find that we can’t remember where we put our keys. When reading a book we must stop and scan the previous paragraphs just read in order to keep the progression of the story or article fresh in our memory. At times we will feel as if the world is just a dream that we are drifting through. When we go out in public, or to social gatherings we move into a state of overwhelm; the thoughts, feelings and health conditions of those around us become indistinct from our own. It is hard to tell which emotions, thoughts, and experiences are ours, and which belong to another. For those whose Earth Soul is disconnected these experiences I have just described are not momentary or atypical, they are the stuff of daily struggle, maybe not all of these, and perhaps not all at the same time, but recognizable as a continual part of ‘how life is’.

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What you can expect from this Earth Soul Retrieval:

  1. On the appointed night of the announced Soul Retrieval that you have signed up for I will send my Spirit into your Dream Realm and embark upon the journey described in the article Earth Soul Retrieval
  2. A return of your Soul to you – upon receipt of my description of what has transpired during the Soul Retrieval on your behalf (usually within a few days) –  you will experience a sense of fullness, warmth or tingling, a groundedness while at the same time feeling light and expansive. The degree of intensity is experienced differently by each person. For some it is powerful and dynamic, while for others it is a slight shift of awareness. How you ‘feel’ in your response is something determined by your own engagement of the experience and is not up to me.
  3. As I ‘sing’ your Soul in through the top of your head I will anchor your Soul at these points within your body: Top of head, heart, base of spine, solar plexus, in that order. I will sing spheres of golden light, like miniature suns, into these points. They provide an anchor so that your Soul will not slip away before you have had a chance to integrate your Soul into contemporaneous maturity. These spheres are not permanent. They will dissipate as your Soul ‘feeds’ upon the light to sustain itself until you have fully integrated… usually 6 – 8 weeks.
  4. During the period of integration you must do the things that a child, corresponding with your age when your Soul left your life (usually as a child), would like to do. Play Jacks. Color. As the Child grows in age and experience, provide continued and ongoing age-relevant experiences for your Earth Soul. Have a tea party or build a fort in the woods with some friends (never discussing politics or sex, as your child is still quite young and needs life experience input appropriate in context to his/her age). Ride a bike… not because it is green transportation or good exercise, but because it provides you/your Child with a sense of freedom! Swing in a swing set. Kick yourself up high, higher and higher! Thrust your toes out, arms stretched to the side, head tossed back, experience the sheer exhilaration of free-floating! Yippeee! And so on, through all the stages and ages of life until you have brought your Child into current time and maturity. Have fun while doing this. And do it in actuality, not just imagining it. You must act it out.

To request a Private Earth Soul Retrieval from Jade Grigori please:

A) Fill out the Registration Form and include:

  • Name
  • Your gender.
  • Birth date, time, place
  • Your condition or situation in just a few words (no long stories or explanations, please!)

Example: Fogginess of mind, overwhelming fear and guilt, bad memory

  • Your heart’s desire, in a few words. Example: Joy, peace of mind, clarity of purpose in life

B) Go to the Payments page, click on ‘General Payment – Buy now’

C) Submit a payment of $333. You may use a credit card.

D) I will email you back an acknowledgment of receipt of your request and payment once I have received both.

E) On the appointed night I will fulfill your request for an Earth Soul Retrieval.

F) I will then email you, within a few days, a short description of what transpired and any pertinent details, such as the nature and visage of the Guardian, and the Chaperone it became, as well as what activity your Lost Child was engaged in, if it is perceivable, and any communications or comments necessary for the fulfillment of your retrieval, if any.

Thank you for entrusting me with your Soul. It is a responsibility that I hold with utmost sincerity and honor.

~Jade Grigori