Astrological Insight into Soul Retrieval


Imagine that our Soul is comprised of a number of keys, like on a xylophone. Each key is one of the planets, the Moon, Sun. Each one resonates in its own pitch, or note. The year is divided into 12 keys (just as, musically, we utilize a scale of twelve keys… not to be confused with the xylophone’s keys). These are the astrological signs. Each sign carries its own information in which the note assumes the qualities of that particular key. So, when it is said that one’s Jupiter (note) is in Libra (key), our subjective experience of that combination of pitch and key is subtly, though noticeably, different than, say Jupiter in Scorpio. Context is everything, as we respond to these variations from a perspective anchored in our unique personal set of emotional experiences of these notes in their respective keys, just as we do with any given planet in its astrological sign.

Got it? Okay… The Moon, as it passes through our sky, intersects with the planets, from an earth-based perspective. A good example: When the Moon¬† aligns, from an earth-based perspective, with the Sun, we call that a New Moon, or on rare occasion when it is in absolute alignment, a Solar Eclipse. That is, when we on the earth look up and see the Moon in perfect alignment with the sun, we are witnessing an eclipse.

Now imagine that the Moon, sliding across the sky, is equivalent to the soft hammer that strikes the keys of the xylophone. If, by example, Jupiter lies in the path of alignment with the Moon, from our earth-based perspective, the hammer of the Moon sets the note of Jupiter to ringing. Depending on which key (astrological sign) the Moon and Jupiter are in will determine the nuance of our subjective experience of that note in its key as it is being played. Everyone everywhere upon the earth will perceive the note of Jupiter, in its key/astrological sign in a similar manner.


The uniqueness of our personal experience of that note being played arises when we overlay the real-time positioning of the Moon – as it aligns with the various celestial bodies of our solar system –¬† upon our personal (natal) birth chart. Lets say that when the Moon intersects with Jupiter in Libra, the overlay upon your natal chart shows us that when you were born Venus was in a relatively exact alignment (same or close degree of Libra). This is what is referred to as an ‘activation’. No only does the moon activate the note of Jupiter, but also of your Venus (both in Libra in this example). As Libra imparts the context of conscious-equal partnership, and Jupiter carries the attribute of expansion or magnification, all upon the earth will perceive in their life in general a greater sense of expansion in relationships, whether personal, intimate, business, etc. Here, in this example, as your natal Venus is also activated (and Venus carries the attribute of how we feel and experience the feminine) you will find that the specific arena in which all that Moon/Jupiter activation is playing itself out will be experienced by you in regards of your relationship with the Feminine, both the Inner Feminine and in regards of Women. When life’s experiences have been supportive of one’s relationship with the Feminine, the activation results in an exaltation of those attributes and qualities. If, however, life has dealt us severe blows in the form of trauma or negative interaction or suppression of the Feminine in our lives, then the resultant disenfranchisement or dissociation of the Feminine will inevitably result in a denial of our own inner sensitivity and ability to receive as well as an outward expression of dislike or distrust of Women… regardless of whether we are male or female. In such an activation, this dysfunctional attribute of our personal Venus in Libra will be expanded upon, inflated, and drawn to the surface of our experience. You might continue the metaphor here by seeing that the pitch, of the xylophone key we are calling Venus, is out of tune, and in order for it to come back into harmony with the overall symphony of Life, it needs to be re-tuned.

Soul Retrieval

This is where the Soul Retrieval comes in. What is causing the note to be out of tune is impacted dissonant emotional force carried within the Soul. It is not beneficial to expunge this emotional charge, it is, after all, your own life force charge. We do not want to lessen your life force charge, but to make it more fully available in a life-enhancing manner once again. We Shamans, as technicians of the sacred, are trained in, and have a history of utilization of, methodologies, ceremonies, processes and abilities which, when applied from a place of compassion, enable us to effectively transmute these life-negatively impacted forces from states of anxiety, fear, denial and suffering into states of harmonized joy, appreciation, abundance and well-being. Rather than trying to ‘get rid of’ the disturbance that has brought about discord in life, we transform it into that which is life-enhancing and in alignment with a person’s Soul’s objective, or purpose. Reintegrating the aspect of a person’s Soul that had been disengaged is, by definition, what a Soul Retrieval is about.


Can this transformation and reintegration be done by a person on their own? Absolutely! Have at it! Why, then, would one call upon one such as myself to engage this service of Soul Retrieval? Well, it is rather akin to realizing your xylophone is out of tune. Sure, you could mess around with it and maybe get it back in tune, if you only knew how to do so. Or you might call upon the xylophone technician to come in and get ‘er done with knowledge, skill and effectiveness in a timely manner. That’s me. I am a technician… of the sacred.

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