Jade Grigori

Jade Grigori is a Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples.

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ReDreaming the World

I am born of the Dream and dream the World. To dream the World awake, no less, is my passion and vision. Of all the skills of being Shaman none are possible but for the ability to re-dream the ‘World-as-it-is’ into the ‘World-as-it-can-be’. In the place of All Dreams, the very Soul itself, lays the …

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The Realm of Purdah

The Realm of Purdah Unseen. Unheard. Unforgiven. Isolation. These, the conditions of Purdah, the Realm of the Lost. When a person has been silenced, sentenced to shame for having borne witness to truth, these are the entrance gates to Purdah. Once a Soul has been committed to Purdah there is no escape. There can be …

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Jaguar’s Shadow

Jaguar’s Shadow Springing out of the shadowed Cave To feast upon the orb of night Jaguar leaps and bounds from his Nave – Powerful and sudden his bite. Jaguar brings Lost Souls from the Shade, Who slept amidst eternal dark, To journey the Sky-river laid White with bones and fiery spark. His hunger now has …

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The Story of Tengiri

The Story of Tengiri Kneeling upon the earth within the tall pine-forested slopes of Mt. Shasta I placed my Eagle Staff into the loamy soil and sang a song of honor to Tengiri, the Spirit of the Mountain. In the midst of the third verse of four, a vibration began moving up from the Earth …

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Of Mongols and Shamans

Mongolian Shamans For the past few years I have been in email contact with Altana, a deeply rooted Shaman from Mongolia. He first contacted me in 2004, saying he wanted to connect with me as a fellow Shaman. This last month he informed me that he was coming to Sedona to visit! He arrived on …

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An Andes Reminisce

An Andes Reminisce “Once… just once, you owe it to yourself to go to Peru. After that, it is a gift of replenishment.” ~ Jade Wah’oo Grigori   Gleaming lakes of lustrous pearls lay upon the mesas, surrounded by glittering diamonds – glacial capped peaks of the Andes Mountains, between which sits the jewel of …

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Circle of Animal Brothers

Grandfather Fire and the Circle of Animal Brothers In that time before there was Time, there was Grandfather Fire. Around Grandfather Fire sat the Circle of Animal Brothers, and beyond them. . . the Darkness. In the Circle of Animal Brothers, there was Eagle, Raven, Owl, and then there was Gander. There was Bear, Panther, …

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Scotland: Standing Stones, Faerie Glens and Ancient History

A Journey Through Scotland Standing Stones, Faerie Glens and Ancient History Scotland. The name conjures images of green rolling landscapes, rugged windswept coastlines and equally rugged folk. Eidetic memories flow from my genetically encoded resources out of time. And now the time had come when I was to make the memories stand to the experience. …

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Damazhon: Helper Spirits of the Shaman

Damazhon: Helper Spirits of the Shaman Damazhon are Spirits that typically flit about around those places we recognize as being sacred: springs, caves, vortices and the like. A Damazhoni (singular form, Damazhon is plural) is viewed by eyes of Spirit as a glowing light, often blue or yellow or green. Its size is that of …

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