Jade Grigori

Jade Grigori is a Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples.

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Spiritual Parasite: A Shamanic Perspective Of Abuse, And Its Treatment

  Spiritual Parasite: A Shamanic Perspective Of Abuse, And Its Treatment It is well recognized that a person who has suffered abuse will tend in life to either become a perpetrator of further abuse or become self-destructive. Why? Why would a person who has suffered the emotional horrors of abuse ever afflict another human with …

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  LOOKING FORWARD WITH ANTICIPATION: The intention of this Lodge is to provide an opportunity for our Spirit to come forth in free expression within a Sacred Space of clarity, support, sanctity and safety. The Bear Lodge allows one’s Spirit to find comfort and enjoyment in its movement into conscious embodied experience. The inherent Spiritual …

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Purification Lodge of the Great White Mother Bear: Mythic Story of Origin

UMA’AL AND THE GREAT MOTHER BEAR Uma’al was a hunter amongst the People. So abundant was the game that the hunters need only step outside their lodges and there would be deer, fowl, boars and hares everywhere. So plentiful was the game that the hunters of the village grew lazy, killing whenever they chose, taking …

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Moontime In our Shamanic ways we work with Power, which is Life Force in a concentrated form. Power flows according to it’s own natural laws of physics. Where there are two fields of Power the one with the lesser charge, or density, will flow to the field of Power with the greater charge.   When …

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Spirituality and Money

Spirituality and Money Within the cultural paradigm of which I come the thought of ‘paying’ for a Ceremonial never comes up because the thought of NOT paying is never considered, so there is never the need to put a ‘price tag’ on anything of a spiritual nature. We Spirit People who provide a spiritual service, …

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Juan Pena (Grampa)

Grampa Pena Juan Peña Born 1878, Died 1982 “Grampa, I pray that I am worthy of the Caretakership of ‘the Ways’ that you have placed in my trust.” ~Jade Wah’oo Grigori In 1974 I was living the life of a nomadic Hunter-Gatherer in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. As late Autumn approached we, my Companion …

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Ancestral Knowledge

Ancestral Knowledge Spring of 1975 found me in the final moments of preparation for my third Initiation. Grampa Peña muttered a song, the crystal quality of Spirit induced trance becoming softer, somewhat hazy. Like passing through a field of wind blown dandelion silk, everything was disfocused. With a clap of thunder resounding and a light …

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Shamanism in the 21st Century

Shamanism in the 21st Century Shamanism is humanity’s oldest and most enduring spiritual practice. From the very origins of the human race there is evidence of our relationship with the Divine expressed through ceremony as a means of maintaining harmonious union with Creation. Whether in the placement of flowers upon the graves of our Neanderthal …

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Shamanic Drumming mp3

Shamanic Drumming Journey – Click to listen Shamanic Drumming In that time before there was Time, there was Grandfather Fire. Around Grandfather Fire sat the Circle of Animal Brothers, who, speaking in that Sacred Language of Spirit, told their Tellings, Through these Tellings Grandfather Fire gave rise to Creation… So begins the mythic Telling of …

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