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Jade Grigori is a Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples.

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Earth-Bound Spirits

Greeting the Ancestor Spirits Halloween. Day of the Dead. Samhain. All Souls Eve. All Saints Day. These are but some of the names by which the Cross Quarter, the days haf way between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice, are known. They are the last days of October and the first days of November. …

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Teachings – #7 In the Land of Wipuk

In the Land of Wipuk In the sacred lands of Wipuk (Sedona) massive red sandstone spires stand elegant and imposing. Wisps of green sweep around the base of these rocks, a thread of verdancy drawn by the waters of Oak Creek. Each massive rock formation has its tale. Legends have accumulated, passed from the stories …

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Teachings – #6 Opening Prayer

March, 2010 New Moon Shamanic Teaching #6 Opening Prayer This Teaching is on the value of having a structured prayer to assist one in moving more fully into the heart space with less mental activity. {mp3}prayer.teaching{/mp3} A ten minute presentation and teaching on creating an effective structure for one’s prayer. If you have found value …

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Teachings – #5 The 52 Day Journey to Clarity

New Moon Shamanic Teaching #5 The 52 Day Journey to Clarity This Teaching is engaged for a total of 52 days. The first 3 days one practices the Eagle’s Egg Meditation. The following 49 days each begin with the same meditation, then the application of that day’s stage. Begin with the Eagle’s Egg Meditation for …

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Teachings – #4 Life’s Lessons

January 15, 2010 New Moon Shamanic Teaching #4 Life’s Lessons Life’s Lessons We are here in this life to learn. Everything is a lesson. If I can learn what the lesson is in this situation, then I won’t have to keep repeating it. Statements such as these are held by many to be ‘how it …

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Teachings – #3 Winter Solstice Tree

December 16, 2009 New Moon Shamanic Teaching #3 Winter Solstice Ceremony Yupa: Shamanic Ceremonial Tree The Yupa is a Shamanic Sacred Tree. The pole roots in Earth and extends through the hoop, which symbolizes the Worldly Dimension of Life, and extends into the Celestial Realms. Seven notches (blue) upon the pole represent the 7 domains …

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Communing with the Celestial Soul

Communing with the Celestial Soul A ten minute teaching/meditation on effective communication with the Soul Communing with the Celestial Soul The original intention of the gift of language was as a means of communicating with one’s own Soul. Secondly was it for the commune with the Soul of another. Only somewhere far down the line …

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Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic Drumming When a Shamanic Drum is struck upon one side, it produces the sound of the beat, and a primary tone, or resonance. Since the hides covering the two sides of the drum are never able to be strung to precisely the same tautness, one side will always have a slightly higher pitch than …

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Teachings – New Moon Teachings

New Moon Shamanic Teachings In this section I am offering Teachings, free of charge, on a monthly basis. On or about the New Moon of each month you can check back here for newly added Teachings. Each will explore a topic of relevance from a Shamanic perspective. I hope you find value and assistance from …

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