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Jade Grigori is a Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples.

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Upcoming Soul Retrievals

Upcoming Soul Retrievals Earth, Underworld, and Celestial Soul Retrievals + + + + + + + + + + + +  Full Moon – October 1st Completed This Soul Retrieval is done during the Dreamtime. Earth Soul Retrieval When the Earth Soul has become dislodged or disconnected we oftentimes feel that we’re watching ourselves living …

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Celestial Soul Integration via Zoom

Celestial Soul Integration Full Moon Saturday, October 31st, 2020 ~ 12 pm – 2pm MDT This is an online event via Zoom. Participation is online. Too often the Celestial Soul/High Self/Inspirational Self is perceived as being ‘out there’ or somewhere above us. When this is the case, we are unable to effectively find response from …

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Ceremony of the Four Elements – Zoom

Ceremony of the Four Elements Fire – Water – Earth – Air Sunday, September 13th, 2020, 12pm MDT Forgiveness. Cleansing. Honor. Blessing. These are the elements that comprise our healing. The intention of this ceremony is to align ourselves with the Four Elements, that we can re-initiate harmony, balance, and alignment with the forces of …

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Spirit Guide Engagement – Zoom

SPIRIT GUIDE A Journey of Engagement Establishing a relationship with one’s Spirit Guide is to choose the path of Selfless Service. While the personal value and benefit of being in relationship with one’s Spirit Guide is immense, it is also one of mutuality, of service to the Spirit Guide and the realms of Spirit. By …

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Addiction and Nested Entities – Zoom

Addiction and Nested Entities Addiction. Some say it is a disease, others an affliction. Treatments range from incarceration, residence in recovery centers, 12 Step, nutritional rehabilitation, and emotional therapy. Each of these, I am sure, have their place as options in the course of a person’s intention to become free of their addiction, of whatever …

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The Cave of Healing – Zoom

The Cave of Healing Up through the silver tube that connects the Earth and Celestial Realms we travel, each our own Spirit being drawn ever upwards towards the brilliant star that lies far, far above… We move towards Grandfather Fire. As we approach Grandfather Fire we each keep our eyes and attention upon the fire …

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Garuda, Eater of the Snakes of Darkness – Zoom

Garuda, Eater of the Snakes of Darkness Sunday, August 16th, 12pm MDT This is the ceremony of Eagle Brother in his guise as Garuda, Eater of the Snakes of Darkness. The Snakes of Darkness are those things within ourselves that are dark, hidden, and destructive. The snakes of Darkness are also those Beings/Entities that are …

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The Dark Valley – Zoom

Imagine that you happened into a Valley when you were out for a hike. You set up Camp in the Valley for the night, and during the night you were attacked by bears. You get up in the morning, not having slept much because you were shooing off bears all night long. In addition, all …

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Journey of the Three Landscapes – Zoom

Journey of the Three Landscapes Training in the Development of Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience As a Shamanic Practitioner, it is of utmost importance to be able to attune the extrasensory perceptions so as to have clarity as to what is perceived, both when diagnosing and when seeking assistance in the Other Realms. Why fumble around …

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