Jade Grigori

Jade Grigori is a Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples.

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Toy-ahn-ah-mé – Zoom

Toy-ahn-ah-mé Sunday, February 14, 12 pm MST via Zoom The threads that comprise the tapestry of our Soul are twisted and tangled due to trauma, mental manipulation, misinformation, programming, misdirection, etc.  Any pin-holes or weak spots in the coherence of our Soul are stretched and pulled to where they may rip and tear. When this …

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Earth Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming the Lost Child

  Retrieval of the Earth Soul: Reclaiming the Lost Child Our Earth Soul processes linear perceptions handles cognitive functions and short-term memory. It is this aspect of our self that manages our immune system and overall health. When the Earth Soul is fully embodied and functional we experience life from within our bodies, we see …

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Awakening to Spirit – Zoom

AWAKENING to SPIRIT Sunday, February 7, 12:00 pm MST A participatory ceremony, online via Zoom.   Who am I? This is the question all upon the spiritual path have eternally asked. The answer takes years of discipline, study, and searching. Right? Wrong! There is a Shamanic procedure by which anyone can access this Knowledge, experientially, …

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Communing with Creation – Zoom

Communing with Creation Sunday, January 24, 12pm MST Some call it prayer. Others, manifestation, or an appeal for intervention. I have come to know it as Communing with Creation. Following an orientation and investigation of this practice, we will each set and hold our own intent, our heart’s desire. I will walk you through, experientially, …

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Seven Star Healing – Zoom

Seven Star Healing Sunday, January 17, 12pm MST Engaging our Attention with Symbol, Numerical Resonance, Color, and Intent for the Purpose of Healing Through an experiential immersion in the flow-state initiated when this seven-pointed star symbol is activated, you will be enabled to actualize the healing you set in motion. This is a Training in …

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Bonqua, the Sacred Stag: Healing the Celestial Soul – Zoom

Bonqua, the Sacred Stag: Healing the Celestial Soul Sunday, January 10th, 12pm MST Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem Oh Tengre, Tengre, Shem Bonqua! ~ The Song of Deer as taught to Jade Grigori by his Ancestral Spirits Deer knows the Forest. Each blade of grass, …

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Gold and Magenta: Compassionate Release – Zoom

Gold and Magenta: Compassionate Release Sunday, January 3, 12pm MST via Zoom This ceremonial/meditative engagement will provide you with a reliable skill-set to assist you in releasing negative forces that have come to disrupt your life, whether internally generated or externally imposed. The Compassionate Release of Dark Forces You have been in a relationship, only …

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Sirius Empowerment

Sirius Empowerment January 1 – 6, 2021 At midnight, New Year’s Eve, the star Sirius is directly overhead at midnight. This is the reason for the calendar starting the new year at this time. Still existent in our cultural acknowledgment of Sirius being the high point is the star on top of the Xmas tree, …

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New Year’s Eve Attunement

New Year’s Eve Attunement All authentic Shamanic ceremonials are the dramatic enactment of the Mythos inherent within cosmological phenomena. What does one do on New Year’s Eve?   Me, I slip out beneath the midnight sky and look directly overhead for the star Sirius, which passes overhead on the meridian at midnight of December 31 …

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