Jade Grigori

Jade Grigori is a Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples.

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Family Soul Retrieval

Family Soul Retrieval By Appointment ~ Work Done Remotely The vastness of the Underworld is not in its breadth but its depth. Its parameters are defined by significance, its features are composed of value. The deeper into the depths of the Underworld we journey, the greater the value and significance are of what we experience …

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The Tracker: Requests

Requesting the Services of The Tracker First, please read what it is that The Tracker does: Article – The Tracker The Tracker’s quest is to find where a person’s Ghost of their Soul has left the trail of their Spirit’s Path, then guide the Ghost back home. The Tracker’s quest is not to find lost …

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The Tracker

The Tracker Stalking the Ghosts of Loss Everyone leaves a trail. It doesn’t matter if you are an escaped convict, a school bus driver, a deer, or a ninja. Everyone leaves a trail.  I am a Tracker. I find and follow those trails. It is not like you might think, however. It is not a …

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The Triple Goddess and the Moon

The Triple Goddess and the Moon Upon an early Summer’s eve, far north in the Outer Isles, people from settlements and nomadic camps have come from all around. About the base of three standing stones they dance, chanting a rhythmic incantation to welcome the Sacred Man of Fertility, the one who inseminates the womb of …

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Shamanic Drumming Journey Ceremony

Shamanic Drumming Journey & Ceremony As Shamans, we are Technicians of the Sacred. With Knowledge and Power we apply the methods, tools, and Maps of Consciousness that enable us to enter, with precision and elegance, the realms of the Soul. Within these realms – that co-exist, interwoven with our own mundane world – we are …

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Shamanizing the World – Zoom

Shamanizing the World Sunday, June 6th, 12 pm MDT ~ via Zoom Just as we Shamanize a person’s psychosis by means of magical intent, ceremony, quantum languaging of the Soul and the compassionate release of suffering demons, so can we approach the psychosis of our culture’s greed, violence and abuse. There ought be no difference. …

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Shamanic Empowerments – Zoom

Shamanic Empowerments Sunday, May 30th, 12 pm MDT ~ via Zoom The primary responsibility of the Shaman is to the Spirit of the client. To assist and enable the Spirit of the individual in its expression in the life of the client is of sole importance. All other concerns are secondary in nature. In the …

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Shamanic Journey: Principles and Practices

Shamanic Journey: Principles and Practices Sunday, May 23, 12 pm MDT ~ via Zoom Information becomes Knowledge only through experiential practice. Wisdom evolves from Knowledge applied. “Shaman” is a descriptive word from the Tungusic people of Siberia. It derives from the Sumerian: ‘Sham’ is Eagle. ‘An’ is heaven. Shaman is the Eagle of Heaven or …

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The Healing Place

“Tell me your heart’s desire,” her voice whispered to me in the silence.  As the first waves that would soon carry me into the Ayahuasca Light vibrated through me, the presence of Mama Ayahuasca modulated those frequencies into discernible speech. “I choose bringing the systems of my body into balance so that my health is …

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