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Jade Grigori is a Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples.

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The Traveler

The Traveler About and abroad through villages ancient and enduring, deserts vast and stark, jungles teeming with life in their canopies as much as they are upon the ground, these are the places in which the Traveler is to be found. Sacred sites call out to them: Neolithic standing stone circles whose dolmens pattern the …

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A Word About Ceremonials Done Long-Distance I am a Shaman of the 21st Century, a Technician of the Sacred. The ceremonials and knowledge of ‘the Ways’ that I carry are ancient in source and wisdom. A responsibility of myself as Shaman is to make the songs, teachings and ceremonials accessible to the People (that is you!). …

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Eclipse Activations

Eclipse Activations Between the Lunar Eclipse of July 27 and the Solar Eclipse of August 11 Many are the times that I have journeyed within the embrace of Mama Ayahuasca. She has shown me – taken me! – to and through the outer perimeters of her Realm, where Consciousness fades, dissolves, into Awareness. Each time …

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Soul Sintering

Soul Sintering When the normalization of society’s disengagement of conscience causes one’s Soul to splinter from the One Soul of the Ancestral Continuum, a Soul Retrieval is not sufficient to bring about reintegration… Read the full article Ancestral Continuum – Soul Sintering Should you choose assistance in the reintegration of your Soul Shard with your …

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Ancestral Continuum – Soul Sintering

The One Soul We Earth Peoples are moments in a Continuum reaching back through our Ancestors, moving forth into the Generations to follow. We are not separate individuals…we are One People in many bodies throughout time. The Continuum is eternal. It is ever present as the experience of Now. Our Awareness is that of One …

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Mid-Summer’s Eve

Mid-Summer Eve Celebration What is the Solstice? At the Summer Solstice the Sun appears to rise in the same location upon the north-eastern horizon for a period of three days – hence the name ‘solstice’ which means, in Latin, ‘sun stand-still’ – before it reverses course and appears to travel southward once again. The day …

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Shamanic Empowerments

A Five Day Intensive Retreat February 19 – 23, 2018 In Shamanism, ‘Power’ is Life-Force,  collected and concentrated. A Shamanic Empowerment is the specific capability to utilize power in service to our Spirit’s purpose, path, truth and calling. Experiential training in this Retreat will cover: The Principles of Power – The natural laws governing the …

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Man to Men

Man to Men You have worked diligently upon yourself to clear away the old culturally instilled belief systems, the programming and mindsets of your upbringing, the biases you once embraced. Racism, sexism and hatreds are ugly shadows that are being identified and met whenever they rise into consciousness. You have done a lot of inner …

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