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Spring Equinox Earth Renewal Ceremony

Spring Equinox Earth Renewal Ceremony March 21st ~ 10 am – 2 pm Red Rock Crossing ~ Sedona, Az As it has always been done, there is no fee for this ceremony. Contributions are welcomed. No pets, drugs or alcohol. Itinerary of activities We gather on site between 9:30 – 10 am. Ceremony starts at …

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Ceremony of the Four Elements

June Solstice Ceremony of the Elements Fire – Water – Earth – Air Remote Participation I will work these 4 ceremonies on your behalf or, if you choose, come join me in Costa Rica!         June 21, 2014 Forgiveness. Cleansing. Honor. Blessing. These are the elements that comprise our healing. + + …

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Assisting Spirits in Transition

The Art of Assisting Spirits in Transition All Spirits are pure, unsullied, unsulliable, untarnished and untarnishable, regardless of what one may have done through thought, deed, action or behavior to create a corruption of the Soul thereby.  ~Jade Wah’oo ‘Grigori   The following definitions are taken from my previously posted article: The Nature of the …

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The Eagle and Condor

    THE EAGLE OF THE NORTH AND THE CONDOR OF THE SOUTH In the Autumn of 1994 a Spiritual Pilgrimage to Peru and Bolivia was embarked upon. Present in this group were myself and Daniel Giamario, Shamanic Astrologer and group co-leader, as well as Alan Leon, organizer of the Peruvian end of things, and …

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Nature of the Soul

  I will begin this article with two fundamental descriptive definitions of Spirit and Soul. So very often I hear people speak of Spirit and Soul interchangeably; at other times I find that when discussing Spirit and Soul we are using fully different references, resulting in confusion. The definitions that follow are, for the sake …

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Sacred Dancers

Shadow Adversaries A Shamanic Ceremony of Transformation Request this Ceremony: Registration ———————————————————————————————————– The Soul is comprised of 22 Sacred Dancers, or archetypes in Western terminology. The depiction of these 22 aspects of the Soul are evidenced in the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 22 letters of the Hebraic alphabet, the Mayan calendar’s 22 …

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Deer as Power Animal

Deer as Power Animal The Song of Deer as taught to Jade Wah’oo Grigori by his Ancestral Spirits Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem Oh Tengre, Tengre, Shem Bonqua! Oh Sacred Spirit Most High, Stag and Eagle Oh Sacred Spirit Most High, Stag and Eagle Oh …

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Earth Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming the Lost Child

  Retrieval of the Earth Soul: Reclaiming the Lost Child Our Earth Soul processes linear perceptions, handles cognitive functions and short-term memory. It is this aspect of our self that manages our immune system and overall health. When the Earth Soul is fully embodied and functional we experience life from within our bodies, we see …

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Amazon Slideshow

Amazon Slideshow A selection of photos from past travels into the Amazon Jungle.