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In the Land of Wipuk

In the Land of Wipuk is a poetic exploratory investigation into the history of the legend of Cathedral Rock and the Sedona, Arizona area. Its basis is a spectacular alignment of the Crescent Moon, Venus and Mars. This configuration is taking place on February 20 and March 22, 2015. For the next few months Mars …

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Why Soul Retrieval?

A PAEN TO THE SOUL Beautiful Child, lone and lost – Protecting your innocence, Surviving, but at what cost? Frightened of joy, life and passion Hiding, that none may hurt you, Paralyzed with inaction. You desire to be free – I hear your call, Beautiful Child And will answer your heart’s plea. Home is where …

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Mén-zu: The Mythos of the Moon

Mén-zu: The Mythos of the Moon Upon an early Summer’s eve, far north in the Outer Isles, people from settlements and nomadic camps have come from all around. About the base of three standing stones they dance, chanting a rhythmic incantation to welcome the Sacred Man of Fertility, the one who inseminates the womb of …

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Shamanic Events

Shamanic Events with Jade Wah’oo Grigori Caretaker of ‘the Ways’ ~ An authentic Shamanic lineage   Month Dates Year   hosted by Your Name 444 N. Going Places Ave, Sometown, Aa USA Phone:  (123) 456-7890      Email the Sponsor + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + …

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Eagle’s Egg Meditation

Eagles Egg Meditation If you have found value in this recording, please consider offering a donation. Thank you.

Spring Equinox (Video)