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A Shamanic Perspective of Life’s Purpose

A Shamanic Perspective of Life’s Purpose I practice Liberation Shamanism. Sovereignty, Autonomy and Self-Determination are the keynotes of the paradigm within which I operate. From this viewpoint, the Shamanic perspective of life’s purpose is radically different than the psychotherapeutic or metaphysical way of looking at things. Try this on… I would bet that you look …

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Lunar Soul Retrievals

Lunar Soul Retrievals   Upcoming Lunar Soul Retrievals: Full Moon Earth Soul Retrieval August 14/15 ————————————————- New Moon Underworld Soul Retrieval August 29/30 ————————————————- Lunar culminations are the most auspicious moments for Soul Retrieval. The Full Moon, reflective of the Sun, affords the greatest opportunity to perceive clearly upon the Earth what the Darkness would …

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Underworld Soul Retrieval

Loss of Underworld Soul If it is the Underworld Soul that is disconnected or missing the symptoms are very distinct from that of a person’s experience of their Earth Soul being gone. As the Underworld Soul is the point of attention from which we dream, the person has dream difficulty. This difficulty may be an …

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Mid-Summer’s Day

Blessings on this Mid-Summer’s Day!   Mid-Summer Day is not the same as the Summer Solstice. Rather, it is the third day following the Summer Solstice. It is the day when the Sun visibly begins its southward journey from its northernmost station. On the Summer Solstice the Sun has traveled as far north along the …

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Ottawa Ceremonials

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Aligning with Spirit’s Purpose

You know me, I am a storyteller, so I will present a storyline. As I know my work to be, it is to aid and assist a person to come into a greater degree of relationship with their own autonomous path of self-realization, their Spirit’s purpose. When, in the course of a person’s life, there …

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Shadowland Dreams

SHADOWLAND DREAMS For years on end, in my twenties, my life was lived a’ horseback as a nomadic hunter-gatherer in the forests, mountains and valleys of New Mexico and Colorado. The late Spring, Summer and early Fall months were spent in the saddle and around the campfire. My primary source of sustenance came from the …

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Autonomy Activation

In this article I will offer insights into the loss of autonomy in our relationships, followed by a methodology for reclaiming and reestablishing our autonomy. Through the course of life we become entangled with those with whom we have relationships, be they parents, teachers, siblings, lovers and mates, etc. We begin to hold their pain, …

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Lunar Eclipse Soul Retrieval

Lunar Eclipse Soul Retrieval Did you know that a lunar eclipse ‘reincarnates’ every 18 years 11 days 8 hours? This is called a Saros Series. Each Saros series has 69 – 89 total incarnations, from birth to last incarnation. Any lunar eclipse in the same Saros family will occur in the same geographical location every …

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