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Protected: Ceremonial Offerings of Jade Wah’oo Grigori – Sponors

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Retrieval of the Underworld Soul

  Into the Underworld As Jaguar/Black Panther into the Underworld Realm I go, slipping through the twilit land invisibly, silently, with stealth, following the silvery-blue thread of Soul along the pathway which it has traversed since its departure. It is into this Underworld Realm that your Underworld Soul has become lost. While distracting yourself with …

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Soul Loss and Retrieval: An Investigation

THE SOUL’S DESIGN We have three Souls, or aspects of one Soul. They are the Earth, Underworld and Celestial Souls. The Earth Soul is the one that we communicate with on a day-to-day basis and is the residing place of our short-term memory. With this Soul we make connections in a logical manner, recognizing patterns …

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The Wolves of Memory

Wolves of Memory stealthily seek the Herd of Consciousness within this, the Forest of my Soul. Each and every creation of my Being has its manifest expression as an Animal of the Herd. Oh! Mother, Sister, Daughter, what your dreams have wrought as Life embodied, you, Giver-of-Form. Dreams, desires, triumphs and tragedies have birthed enduring …

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A Note Regarding Fees

A Note Regarding Fees I was in conversation with someone after they had attended one of my ceremonies. They had a question. Questioner: “What is the fee for this ceremony?” Me: “Fee? Uhhh… put in the basket according to the value you have received. If you were merely entertained, put in what you would have …

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Release from Purdah

Release from Purdah A Shamanic Journey of Soul Retrieval Total Lunar Eclipse January 31 Unseen. Unheard. Unforgiven. Isolation. These, the conditions of Purdah, the Realm of the Lost. When a person has been silenced, sentenced to shame for having borne witness to truth, these are the entrance gates to Purdah. Once a Soul has been …

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Young Warrior King

Young Warrior King Upon the anointed Young Warrior King Treasures and trust of Olden Rulers Are bequeathed as Time’s Ancients look on; The time has come, Destiny’s course set. The Dream King’s trident churns his waters To engulf the deniers of change: Those staunch echelons of refusal Who live in known death, in fear of …

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Request a Damazhoni

Request a Damazhoni Mojo on your Behalf Damazhon are Spirits that typically flit about around those places we recognize as being sacred: springs, caves, vortices and the like. A Damazhoni (singular form, Damazhon is plural) is viewed by eyes of Spirit as a glowing light, often blue or yellow or green. Its size is that …

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