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The Dark Valley

Imagine that you happened into a Valley when you were out for a hike. You set up Camp in the Valley for the night, and during the night you were attacked by bears. You get up in the morning, not having slept much because you were shooing off bears all night long. In addition, all …

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Venus/Moon Activations: Celestial Empowerments Request

Celestial Empowerments December 22, 2014 – July 18, 2015 As the Evening Star, Venus meets with the waxing Crescent Moon each month for the next 8 months. With each meeting of Venus and the Crescent Moon in the western sky a significant activation of a specific archetypal essence of our Soul occurs. Each meeting activates …

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Our Preciouos Lady of Flowers

A note on this image. This is a photo of the actual shroud of Guadalupe. Over time the image, as it appears on the shroud as it has been popularized (see below), was altered. Specifically, the golden rays surrounding her were added. The rocks upon which she stands were painted over with the image of …

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Shamanic Teachings and Practices

Shamanic Teachings and Practices Hosted by – You 48 N. Hwy XX Somewhere, USA Logistical questions? Phone & Email Dates XXXXX, 2019 9 am – 5 pm both days Trainings The intent of a Training is to provide the necessary and relevant knowledge, experience and personal oversight so that the participant receives what is needed …

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Protected: Ceremonial Offerings of Jade Wah’oo Grigori – Sponors

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Retrieval of the Underworld Soul

  Into the Underworld As Jaguar/Black Panther into the Underworld Realm I go, slipping through the twilit land invisibly, silently, with stealth, following the silvery-blue thread of Soul along the pathway which it has traversed since its departure. It is into this Underworld Realm that your Underworld Soul has become lost. While distracting yourself with …

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Soul Loss and Retrieval: An Investigation

THE SOUL’S DESIGN We have three Souls, or aspects of one Soul. They are the Earth, Underworld and Celestial Souls. The Earth Soul is the one that we communicate with on a day-to-day basis and is the residing place of our short-term memory. With this Soul we make connections in a logical manner, recognizing patterns …

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You Tube Video Links

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The Wolves of Memory

Wolves of Memory stealthily seek the Herd of Consciousness within this, the Forest of my Soul. Each and every creation of my Being has its manifest expression as an Animal of the Herd. Oh! Mother, Sister, Daughter, what your dreams have wrought as Life embodied, you, Giver-of-Form. Dreams, desires, triumphs and tragedies have birthed enduring …

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