Awakening into the Luminous Body

Into The


A Shamanic Path of Awakening
From within the Luminous Body we perceive the inherent nature of Reality, 
free of the constructs of Mind and Emotions.

In this five-day Shamanic Training, we will explore, engage, and empower the Luminous Body. Awakening into your Luminous Body will enable you to directly perceive, interact with, and harmoniously affect the Luminous Field of Life, including the Luminous Body of your loved ones and clients.

Explorations of this Training:
  1. Eagle’s Egg Meditation – The preeminent Shamanic meditation that is at the foundation of all of Jade  Grigori’s work, the Eagle’s Egg Meditation brings one into the pure state of non-attachment so that discernment is enabled, free of beliefs, emotional biases, and mental conditioning.
  2. The Luminous Body Awakened – Ceremonial practices assist us in focusing our Intent so that we might have a direct experience of our Luminous Body. As you progressively activate your Luminous Body you will earn the ability to apply this knowledge to effect positive change in the Luminous Field of yourself, your clients, and loved ones. At all times, and along each progressive step, Jade Grigori will be providing instruction and personal oversight of each participant.


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  1. The first two days will be intensive experiential training in the Eagle’s Egg Meditation and shifting into the Luminous Body.
  2. Day three will be an Excursion Day.
    • We will begin with a visit to the Jaguar Rescue Center, a facility that rehabilitates injured or orphaned wildlife such as tree sloths, monkeys, parrots, toucans, and macaws, as well as reptiles and other native Costa Rican wildlife.
    • Lunch at a typical Costa Rican ‘Soda’ (Cafe), Jade’s treat. This is a chance to taste and experience the best of the local cuisine.
    • Chocolate Making Class at Talamanca Chocolates, a tree-to-bar cacao farm. History, mythology, chemistry, and hands-on fun! Not to mention… yummmy chocolate to eat.
  3.  Days four and five will focus on the application of this Knowledge and Method for the healing and alignment of others, i.e. family members, and clients.
  4. There will be lots of free time for you to walk the beaches, swim the sea, dally in the tide pools right outside your hotel door, and explore the many many restaurants available to you for lunch and dinner.


Fine Print

  • The fee for this Retreat includes:
    • All Training and direct engagement with Jade Grigori.
    • Lodging (double occupancy) at a nice hotel 100 meters from Jade’s house. The hotel has a pool, A/C, and a mini-kitchenette with a fridge, and direct beachfront access. The hotel provides breakfast, but local restaurants are also available.
    • Entrance fees, workshop costs, and transport to and from all included Excursion Day activities, including lunch.
  • The fee for this Retreat does not include:
    • Your airline flights, enroute hotels, or shuttle service to/from the airport and the provided hotel.
    • Meals, except those noted above.
    • Local use of taxis.
    • Cash tips to service personnel encountered along the way.
  • Local transport is available by taxi or tuk-tuk (three-wheeled canopied moto-taxis).
  • Restaurant options include vegetarian/vegan establishments as well as seafood, local Tico cuisine, Italian, Argentinean, Pizza (delivery available), Asian Fusion, and more.
  • The English language is the language of tourism the world over. No worries, you do not need to speak Spanish.
  • A sense of wonder and open-hearted friendliness is required! Here, in Costa Rica, that is called Pura Vida!

For this Shamanic Training, we will meet in the lovely Caribbean coastal town of Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Other worlds around us David KnightCosta Rica

I have reserved rooms at Villas del Caribe Hotel, right on the beach of Punta Cocles. Puerto Viejo is a place where Caribbean culture abounds, intermixed with organic coffee shops and establishments serving locally caught fish, locally grown produce, jungle fruits. Puerto Viejo is a tri-ethnic local population of Afro-Caribé, Tico, and indigenous BriBri, with a diverse community of ex-pats from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Columbia, Panama, Nicaragua, Italy and other European nations, and North Americans, ensuring that the community is not a cookie-cutter American expat town such as you might find in other countries.

The daily schedule (9 am – Noon; 2 – 5 pm) provides ample free time to get out and enjoy the natural wonders of the area, as well as having a generous time for meals.  It is an area rich in wildlife – tree sloths, monkeys, tropical birds aplenty, and some of the most brilliant butterflies to be seen anywhere!

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Awakening into the Luminous Body

January 10-14, 2024

(Arrival must be on January 9th, departure will be January 15th)

Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


Payment must be made in full at the time of Registration.


(Upon registration I will send you my Costa Rica Travel Tips via email. It is important that you do not make airline flights until you have read that information thoroughly!)

Payment Options:


Venmo (preferred):