Ayahuasca Activations

Ayahuasca Activations

Now through August 17, 2023

Many are the times that I have journeyed within the embrace of Mama Ayahuasca. She has shown me – taken me! – to and through the outer perimeters of her Realm, where Consciousness fades, and dissolves, into Awareness. Each time have I then sought, upon return to the workaday world of everyday life, to return into those dimensional states. This I do without imbibing the sacred brew of Ayahuasca. Rather do I undertake these explorations solely with Drum in hand, a song sung from my heart.

During the Ayahuasca Activation Journey I travel deep into the Underworld Realm of the Soul, into the furthest and most hidden recesses where our greatest fears and tears are put out of sight; to the magnitude of the Celestial Realm, the residing place of our Soul that is comprised of the potentiality of all possibilities. The pathway to the Celestial is accessed by first embarking upon the journey through the Underworld. When this Journey of Initiation is activated and acted upon, we are able to dissolve the barriers of our fears, enabling us to embrace the Power (Life-Force) that has been sequestered from our life due to its being too painful, frightening, or bothersome to encounter with full Awareness. To that extent do we shut ourselves off from manifesting our greatest potential of life.

My offer is this:

I will be journeying upon my own Ayahuasca Activation Journey. I will dedicate a portion of the journey to diving into your Underworld Soul, seeking the most deep-seated obstacles and impediments that stand in the way of your highest potential. Having journeyed into the Underworld of your Soul, I will then access your Celestial Soul and spark the Activations that have now become accessible due to the clearing of the Underworld pathway. You may request one, or more, or even all of the Activations.

For details on how to proceed, peruse the following Activations, then read the instruction that follows.

Drinking from the Pool of Life

Source. Waters of Life. Sacred Spring. The liquid vital force of Creation.

The Pool of Life is everywhere about us. It is found in the dynamic pulse of day and night, Sun and Moon. It has quenched the thirst of our Ancestors, and then become the abiding presence of Wisdom that the Ancestors have left with us. It is the amniotic fluid of our Soul’s birthing. We sip from it daily.

Do you drink draughts deeply enough to sustain the nourishing of our Soul? Are your dreams filled with its divine nectar? Your every desire? Does the Pool of Life replenish your health on a daily basis? The intentions that you hold, are they made manifest by its divine charge of vitalizing power?



Consecration of the Feminine

Earthly Wisdom. Nurturing. Caring. Intuitive Knowledge. Empowerment. Surrender.

The Feminine exists within us each of us, both men and women alike. The qualities of the Feminine are necessary for compassion. The vital force of the Feminine is the source of our passion and creativity.

Is your life an emergent river of passion and creativity, unimpeded by the dams of emotional suffering? Is your life lived with the authenticity of a caring and nurturing heart? Do you laugh with unfettered ease?



Consecration of the Masculine

Discernment. Trust. Security. Spiritual Knowledge. Intentful Creation. Dedication.

Each of us has a Masculine aspect within our Soul. The Masculine surges, moves, disintegrates and rebuilds anew. Conscience, consistency, and commitment are its qualities in evidence in our lives.

Do you trust yourself? Others? Life and the Universe itself? Are you discerning, or are you judgmental? Do you find a natural movement towards protecting and securing the sanctity of Life around you? Do you create with an awareness of the greater benefit for All?


Sacred Union

Co-creative Equality. Honor. Love. Manifestation. Generative Vitality.

In the Sacred Union of the awakened Feminine and Masculine, we are able to conjoin their respective qualities to bring forth Creation.

Is respect for Life the foundation of your choices? Are Dedication and Surrender equal and positive expressions of your spiritual life? Does Honor flow with ease in all your interactions? Is Love the main course of your every meal? Do you generate beauty and peace with your every thought and deed?





Transformative Generation. Empowerment of Life. Spiritual Availability.

Shedding the shell of our former life, we step into the World as a Shining Being of Light who also dwells in the Darkness with ease.

Are you okay with creating something that will grow beyond your control? Is Service the keynote of your life? Would you do it all over again, without a qualm?




The Healing Place

Transcendent. Empowering. The Potentiality of All Possibilities revealed. Healing.

Having surrendered into Heart’s Desire and dedicated one’s self to be the fullest expression of our Spirit’s Intent, our Healing becomes possible.

Is your desire for healing the choice to be the conduit of healing for your family, your community, this world? Will you relinquish the need to determine how that healing is to look and be? Are you willing to dedicate your life, now healed, to the betterment of the world?

Read the account of my own Ayahuasca Activation in The Healing Place…

“Tell me your heart’s desire,” her voice whispered to me in the silence. As the first waves that would soon carry me into the Ayahuasca Light vibrated through me, the presence of Mama Ayahuasca modulated those frequencies into discernible speech.

“I choose bringing the systems of my body into balance so that my health is radiantly vibrant,” I responded. With this statement of intent expressed, the Waves of Light carried me into the radiant stream of Awareness. In the mythic perceptions that accompanied the movement, I was in a dugout canoe, paddling up a river that twined in the midst of a deep, velvety, and verdant jungle. Pink Amazonian river dolphins swam ahead of me, occasionally surfacing, leaping, playing, and guiding my journey.

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  1. Choose an Activation from the 6 shown above. My recommendation is that you begin with Drinking from the Pool of Life and then proceed with the others in the order presented, as time and necessity unfold. Or, you may choose whichever one(s) seems to be most relevant to you at this moment.
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* Please include:

  • First and Last Name
  • Sex at Birth and, if different,  Current Gender Identification
  • Age
  • State the Activation of your choice.
  • A simple statement of what condition/situation you wish to have transformed. *Keep it in alignment with the particular Activation you have chosen! (Example: If you desire the clearing of a pattern of bad relationships, choose Sacred Union… not something like Initiation.)


3. Make a payment of $111 per Activation requested. You may pay using your credit card using PayPal. Click to make a payment: Payment.

I will then:

  1. Acknowledge, via email, receipt of your request upon receiving your Registration and Payment,
  2. Journey into the realms of your Soul as described, during an Ayahuasca Activation Journey.
  3. Email you a short transcription of what transpired during the Journey within a few days following.
  4. Email you a link to the full-size (approximately 8 x 10) 300 dpi digital png image. You may then download and print this suitable-for-framing image of your Activation.
Thank you for trusting me with this most sacred responsibility on your behalf. Your request is truly an honor.