Blue Corn Ceremony

Blue Corn Healing Ceremony

New Moon ~ April 1 ~ Done Remotely

An Old Man approaches the cornfield and studies a weed that has sprung up and its proximity to the corn plant. Putting his hoe down on the ground, he kneels and digs his fingers into the soil, gently uprooting the weed by the roots in such a manner as to not disturb the corn plant. He then ties a red string, loosely, around the corn stalk. Some time passes… The Old Man again walks into the cornfield. The stalks are now brown and withered. He goes directly to the cornstalk with the red string tied upon it, grasps the ear of corn firmly, twists and pulls, removing it from the stalk. He lays you upon the earth, washes you with smoke, then removes three kernels of blue corn from the cob. These he gently places in your mouth… but he is pushing them into the earth. Your body and the body of the earth, he knows are one and the same. He covers the seeds with soil. He buries you in the ground of your Dream. Leaning over you, he sings, then blows more smoke over you. As he sings three stalks of fresh corn grow forth. When, in a few moments, these are full-grown, he removes an ear of corn from each stalk. He grinds the kernels and cooks them with spring water into a mush. This he feeds to you.

The Healing

In the realm of the Soul, the Dream Realm, the Old Man has re-Dreamed your life and provided the opportunity for you to go forth and grow forth. Your prayers are spread as pollen is spread, being received and creating new life, new scenarios in your world. The weed (of interference) has been plucked and transmuted. The rituals of creating new life have been performed (you have eaten of the sacred corn) and indeed, new life laden with potential has emerged. YOUR life has emerged anew.


To request a Blue Corn Healing from Jade Grigori please:

A) Send me a  Registration containing the following information:

  • The current date
  • State that you are requesting a ‘Blue Corn Healing’
  • Your gender.
  • Your condition or situation in just a few words (no long stories or explanations, please!)
    • Examples: Inconsolable heartache. Nerve pain in the left wrist. Fear and anxiety.
  • Your heart’s desire, in a few words.
    • Examples: Joy, peace of mind, clarity of purpose in life, radiant health, etc

B) Go to the Payments page, click on ‘General Payment ’

C) Submit a payment of $111 US immediately. You may use a credit card.

D) I will email you back an acknowledgment of receipt of your request and payment once I have received both. These must be received prior to the announced night of the Ceremony, so do not delay.

E) On the appointed night I will perform the Blue Corn Healing Ceremony on your behalf, and that of others who have so requested.

F) I will then email you, within a few days, a short description of what transpired and any pertinent details and any communications or comments necessary for the fulfillment of your Healing, if any.

G) Your report will include an audio file of my singing the Blue Corn Healing song transferred to me by my Grampa Peña. Listening to this song will activate the Healing.