Bonqua, the Sacred Stag: Healing the Celestial Soul – Zoom

Bonqua, the Sacred Stag:

Healing the Celestial Soul

Sunday, January 10th, 12pm MST

Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem
Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem
Oh Tengre, Tengre, Bonqua Shem
Oh Tengre, Tengre, Shem Bonqua!

~ The Song of Deer as taught to Jade Grigori by his Ancestral Spirits

Deer knows the Forest. Each blade of grass, every dewdrop, each and every tree, and the residents of the Forest, Deer knows intimately.

When Deer enters the Forest and sees a tree that has fallen, that tree, in Deer’s noticing of it, becomes upright and strong once again. Where a rock has fallen from its lodging, Deer notices it and the rock returns to its placement; a spring that has dried up flows once more in Deer’s attention. A stream that has overflowed its banks and is flooding returns to its course under Deer’s notice. Clouds, roiling and tumbling, drift their appointed path once again when Deer places attention upon them.

In the Forest of the Celestial Soul, which carries the blueprint of our manifest existence, the tree is a nerve bundle. Spirit Deer, entering into this forest of the Celestial Soul, notices the broken nerve bundle and moves it into wholeness. When Spirit Deer sees a rock/bone that is out of place or broken, that rock/bone returns to its alignment and heals. The spring is a gland of the endocrine system, which has ceased pumping its hormones, flows once again. The stream is a blood passageway, clouds are thoughts.

The Celestial Soul is our High Self, the inspirational self through which we receive spiritual guidance and direction here in our daily life. It is like a slide projector’s film. The light of Creation, shining through this film, projects into the manifest world the 3-D holographic projection that we experience as our reality: mental, physical, and emotional reality. Damage (trauma, addiction, abuse, etc) to the Celestial Soul appears as rips, pinholes, tears in the film. The light of Creation shining through the film now manifests in those places of damage a blankness, lacking creative manifestation. In these places of nothingness, there is no direction given to the Life Force to organize itself. In those areas of life experience, we find instead dysfunction, discord, and disease.


I will be calling forth Deer – Bonqua, the Sacred Stag – on behalf of each participant. Bonqua will go into the Forest of each person, effecting the healing of the Celestial Soul. With this, the person’s physical, mental, and emotional manifest bodies return to wholeness. Healing is effected.

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Sliding Scale: $22 – $104

Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

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