Campfire Tales

Hello All~
I am on a road trip, traveling the USA offering Campfire Tales: Shamanic Storytelling, Teaching, Drumming, Healings.

I received a Vision to travel the land, as an Elder, sharing teachings and healings through Storytelling around a campfire. In response, this is what I have created to fulfill the direction given me by Spirit.

We will be gathering outdoors. As we have all lived in isolation for such an extended period, due to the pandemic, I wanted to create a setting where it is safe for us to gather in sacred space, in community, and participate with peace of mind. You may wear masks if you choose.

I have asked for Hosts to step forth, those who wish to offer a place for a campfire (I have a propane fire pit for use in fire-ban areas) and to collect a small gathering of folks – 10 or 12 people, 22 max, as I want to keep it intimate – from their own personal friends and Circles. You have probably been asked by a Host if you would be interested in participating, and then directed you to this page. The projected times will be from 6-9 pm, but may vary from Host to Host.

Storytelling is a primary method of transmitting Knowledge, and of Healing. The Storytellings are presented in Mythic format. Myth is the reality of the Soul, just as History is the reality of the mundane world. As such, they speak directly to the Soul. All healing emanates from the Soul, and so a Mythic Story reweaves the storyline of the Soul, bringing about a reconfiguration of the listener/participant’s life. Sometimes events from the Storyteller’s personal life are shared in order to bridge the Mythic into the Mundane.

Shamanic Drumming is also utilized as a means of transporting the listener/participants into the Mythic Realms of the Soul, where the deep and rich symbology embodied within the stories can unfold their blossoming petals into Conscious integration.

Each Campfire Tales gathering will incorporate all the above, ie, Storytelling, Teachings, Drumming, and Healing. The Campfire Tales is held as a sacred space for the ceremonial.

A few notes on attending:

  • Bring a chair, or blanket/pillow to sit upon.
  • This is a ceremonial event. That is, these ‘Ways’ (songs, drummings, stories, teachings, healings, etc) are held as sacred. Please do not imbibe alcohol, pot, or other alterants prior to or during this event.
  • While my Mentor, my Grampa Peña, was Native American, I am not. My original Shamanic lineage is of my own heritage (Mongolian). These offerings are purely Shamanic and in no way represent any Native American tribe, culture. or practice. Appropriation is theft.
  • I am asking for a sliding scale contribution of $33 – $99 cash only per person. NOTE: I would never turn someone away because they do not have ‘X’ number of dollars in their pocket! If you are impelled to attend, but truly cannot afford even the minimum ask, then commit to an act of community service (beyond what you may already be doing) as an exchange.
  • Please arrive on time and intend to stay for the entirety of the Campfire Tales.
  • Ask your Host about logistics (directions, parking, bathrooms, etc)

Thank you for your consideration and attendance. I hope to see you at the Campfire Tales in your community!

~Jade Grigori