Campfire Teachings

Campfire Teachings

Dates To Be Announced

“In that time before there was Time, there was Grandfather Fire. Around Grandfather sat the Circle…”

~From the Shamanic Story of Origin, as told by Jade Wah’oo Grigori

The Old Ways. Good Ways. The way my Teachers taught me, through Storytelling, allowing the Wisdom to settle in, find its place in the bones. Let the words steep, the way a cup of tea turns better after a few minutes of sitting. That’s the way in which the sharing of these Shamanic Ways are being offered here.

We’ll meet once a month, for an hour or so, each of us around our own fire…be it a campfire or a candle. It is the 21st Century, so we will utilize the telephone to do a conference call. There will be stories told, all with their innate Shamanic Wisdom contained within. Teachings on a host of things Shamanic will be presented, or brought forth with the words or a question from you who participate. A conversation. Is this what you are yearning for? Have you been awaiting something more organic, teachings that follow the form of a Dance more than a syllabus? Alright then. Let’s begin!


Fee: $22 per Campfire Teaching, payable through PayPal.

6 pm Pacific; 9 pm Eastern. Approximately one hour per Campfire Teaching.

Access number and code will be provided upon registration and/or prior to the day of the call.