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A Shaman’s Tales: Stories and Songs from an American Shaman

NEW RELEASE! The songs and stories presented here are my personal selection from a vast reservoir of Shamanic teachings, songs and ceremonies that have been placed in my care – by my own Mentors, Teachers and Ancestral Spirits – as a sacred trust. The responsibility of a sacred trust is to insure that these Shamanic …

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Our Preciouos Lady of Flowers

Our Precious Lady of Flowers Our Lady of Guadalupe. Xochiquetzal. Tequantlanopeuh, Tonantzin, Coatlalopeuh. In other cultures she is referred to as Quan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Star Woman. She is the brilliant blue star in the leading foot of the constellation Orion: the star Rigel. By whatever name she is known, her visage is …

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Young Warrior King

Young Warrior King Upon the anointed Young Warrior King Treasures and trust of Olden Rulers Are bequeathed as Time’s Ancients look on; The time has come, Destiny’s course set. The Dream King’s trident churns his waters To engulf the deniers of change: Those staunch echelons of refusal Who live in known death, in fear of …

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Jaguar’s Shadow

Jaguar’s Shadow Springing out of the shadowed Cave To feast upon the orb of night Jaguar leaps and bounds from his Nave – Powerful and sudden his bite. Jaguar brings Lost Souls from the Shade, Who slept amidst eternal dark, To journey the Sky-river laid White with bones and fiery spark. His hunger now has …

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