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Evening Star Ceremony

Evening Star Ceremony Peyote Mentor, John Pedro The ‘Original Hippie Indian’ they called him. John Pedro, by name, was an Arapahoe out of Calumet, Oklahoma. His personal history was woven of fascinating events and embellished tall tales, and we all loved his stories. He had fought in the Korean War, which was where he lost …

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Training, Apprenticeship, Mentoring

Training, Apprenticeship, Mentoring Costa Rica October – November – December, 2017 I am spending the time of between now and December 21 in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, a small town set amidst the coastal paradise of the Caribbean. It is a world apart. 10 kilometers down the road is the proverbial End of the Road…nothing …

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Shamanic Teachings and Practices

Shamanic Teachings and Practices Hosted by – You 48 N. Hwy XX Somewhere, USA Logistical questions? Phone & Email Dates XXXXX, 2019 9 am – 5 pm both days Trainings The intent of a Training is to provide the necessary and relevant knowledge, experience and personal oversight so that the participant receives what is needed …

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