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Lunar Soul Retrievals

Lunar Soul Retrievals   Upcoming Lunar Soul Retrievals: Full Moon Earth Soul Retrieval August 14/15 ————————————————- New Moon Underworld Soul Retrieval August 29/30 ————————————————- Lunar culminations are the most auspicious moments for Soul Retrieval. The Full Moon, reflective of the Sun, affords the greatest opportunity to perceive clearly upon the Earth what the Darkness would …

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Ottawa Ceremonials

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Soul Sintering

Soul Sintering When the normalization of society’s disengagement of conscience causes one’s Soul to splinter from the One Soul of the Ancestral Continuum, a Soul Retrieval is not sufficient to bring about reintegration… Read the full article Ancestral Continuum – Soul Sintering Should you choose assistance in the reintegration of your Soul Shard with your …

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Training, Apprenticeship, Mentoring

Training, Apprenticeship, Mentoring Costa Rica October – November – December, 2017 I am spending the time of between now and December 21 in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, a small town set amidst the coastal paradise of the Caribbean. It is a world apart. 10 kilometers down the road is the proverbial End of the Road…nothing …

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Shamanic Teachings and Practices

Shamanic Teachings and Practices Hosted by – You 48 N. Hwy XX Somewhere, USA Logistical questions? Phone & Email Dates XXXXX, 2019 9 am – 5 pm both days Trainings The intent of a Training is to provide the necessary and relevant knowledge, experience and personal oversight so that the participant receives what is needed …

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Retrieval of the Underworld Soul

  Into the Underworld As Jaguar/Black Panther into the Underworld Realm I go, slipping through the twilit land invisibly, silently, with stealth, following the silvery-blue thread of Soul along the pathway which it has traversed since its departure. It is into this Underworld Realm that your Underworld Soul has become lost. While distracting yourself with …

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