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Ayahuasca Activations

Ayahuasca Activations By Request Many are the times that I have journeyed within the embrace of Mama Ayahuasca. She has shown me – taken me! – to and through the outer perimeters of her Realm, where Consciousness fades, dissolves, into Awareness. Each time have I then sought, upon return to the workaday world of everyday …

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Spiritual Parasite Extraction

Spiritual Parasite Extraction August 14, 2022 ~ Boca Raton, Fl The removal of Spiritual Parasites requires in-person treatment. What to expect from your visit This, as all Shamanic Treatments, is held as Ceremony. We will be sitting at my altar where the ceremonial items and implements are laid out. Following an invocation of my Helper …

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The Shaman of Light Dreams the World

 The Shaman of Light Dreams the World What follows is the archetypal storyline of the Shaman of Light’s quest on behalf of his people. It is rich in mythic motifs and symbolic representations of Inner Truth and Wisdom. The value of a Mythic Story is that it speaks to All Peoples equally. There is a …

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