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A Shaman’s Tales: Stories and Songs from an American Shaman

NEW RELEASE! The songs and stories presented here are my personal selection from a vast reservoir of Shamanic teachings, songs and ceremonies that have been placed in my care – by my own Mentors, Teachers and Ancestral Spirits – as a sacred trust. The responsibility of a sacred trust is to insure that these Shamanic …

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New Year’s Eve Attunement

New Year’s Eve Attunement All authentic Shamanic ceremonials are the dramatic enactment of the Mythos inherent within cosmological phenomena. What does one do on New Year’s Eve?   Me, I slip out beneath the midnight sky and look directly overhead for the star Sirius, which passes overhead on the meridian at midnight of December 31 …

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Autonomy Activation

In this article I will offer insights into the loss of autonomy in our relationships, followed by a methodology for reclaiming and reestablishing our autonomy. Through the course of life we become entangled with those with whom we have relationships, be they parents, teachers, siblings, lovers and mates, etc. We begin to hold their pain, …

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The Wisdom Fire

THE WISDOM FIRE Addendum: I am always seeking guidance from the Ancestral Spirits, the Ones who take care of me. When they speak, I listen. I recently asked them for direction as to how best to reach many more people, in order to provide even greater access to the value of The Ways of my Caretakership. …

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Winter Solstice Star Journey

  DATE: December 21, 2016 – January 3, 2017 TIME: Over the course of 13 nights LOCATION: From Earth to the North Star and Back FEE: $111 Read the Full article: Winter Solstice – A Time of the Shaman’s Gift Bringing Star Symbols There is a very common motif in Shamanic practices surrounding the Winter …

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Winter Solstice: A Time of the Shaman’s Gift Bringing

Winter Solstice: A Time of the Shaman’s Gift Bringing Ancient Origins of the Season’s Icons Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, the longest night. In the northern hemisphere this occurs December 20, 21, 22 or even the 23rd, varying from year to year, dependent upon the elliptical path of the Earth around …

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Amazon Slideshow

Amazon Slideshow A selection of photos from past travels into the Amazon Jungle.

Communing with the Celestial Soul

Communing with the Celestial Soul A ten minute teaching/meditation on effective communication with the Soul Communing with the Celestial Soul The original intention of the gift of language was as a means of communicating with one’s own Soul. Secondly was it for the commune with the Soul of another. Only somewhere far down the line …

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Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic Drumming When a Shamanic Drum is struck upon one side, it produces the sound of the beat, and a primary tone, or resonance. Since the hides covering the two sides of the drum are never able to be strung to precisely the same tautness, one side will always have a slightly higher pitch than …

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