Ceremony of the Four Elements

June Solstice

Ceremony of the Elements

Fire – Water – Earth – Air

Remote Participation

I will work these 4 ceremonies on your behalf

or, if you choose, come join me in Costa Rica!

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June 21, 2014

Forgiveness. Cleansing. Honor. Blessing. These are the elements that comprise our healing.

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This Ceremony of the Four Elements I will be offering on this June Solstice. You may participate remotely. If you so request, I will hold your intention in honored embrace during each of these four ceremonies. Guidance and instructions will be sent to you so that you may best participate from wherever you are. Or, if you desire, you may join me in Costa Rica.

FIRE: Forgiveness – Sun

I will be building a Fire. Into that Fire will be placed pinches of tobacco, calling out to the Ancestors to forgive our transgressions. A recounting of transgressions will follow. These will be the common transgressions such as being disrespectful, selfish, bad tempered, mean, etc. There will be your own specific transgressions that you acknowledge as well.

WATER: Cleansing – Moon

In the Sea I will stand, feet in the water, calling upon the Spirits of the Waters to wash through us, carrying away any sadness, guilt, shame, fear, anger, rage etc. When this is complete, I will return back to the shore, walking away, never looking back, so as to not draw the washed-aways back into ourselves.

EARTH: Honoring – Earth

Sitting upon the Earth, calling upon Her for Her embrace. Crying in the arms of Her love, surrendering into Her embrace. Then we will re-dedicate ourselves to Her, acknowledging that we are alive only because of Her.

AIR: Blessing – The-All-That-Is

Upon the Wings of Eagle to a high place I will ascend, offering him our him gifts of Power (Life-Force). As I drum and sing the Eagle Calling Song I will ask him to carry these blessings for your well-being to the Heart of Creation:

•  Health – physically, mentally, emotionally and of the Soul.

•  Love – for all Life and Creation; Family; Romantic; Self; Divine Light

•  Prosperity – Spiritual awakening and material stability

•  A Good Life – filled with laughter, friends and appreciation of Life

•  A Long Life

•  A Life lived in Balance

•  A Life lived in Harmony with all of Creation.


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Please make your payment (credit cards accepted) via
Use the ‘General Payments’ button
If you are participating on site with me in Costa Rica, I will email you the time and meeting place, upon receipt of your registration.

Include in the body of your message:

  • Indicate if you will be particpating remotely or in person
  • Fire: Up to three transgressions you are asking forgiveness of.
  • Water: Up to three things you wish the Water to carry away from you.
  • Earth: Acknowledge your choice to embrace and be embraced by our Earth Mother.
  • Air: Up to three blessings you are desiring. Keep it simple and focused!
I will email you a description of what transpired during the course of the ceremonies. Be patient! The description is not, however, the ‘thing’. Your experiences that flow from the ceremonies are what hold value.