Communing with the Celestial Soul


with the

Celestial Soul


A ten minute teaching/meditation on effective communication with the Soul

Communing with the Celestial Soul

The original intention of the gift of language was as a means of communicating with one’s own Soul. Secondly was it for the commune with the Soul of another. Only somewhere far down the line was it to be used as a means of transmitting data and information. Unfortunately, in today’s world the latter has become the primary use of language. Language can, however, be utilized to direct our attention to the deeper realms of perception and even into an experience of our highest realms of Being.

The Celestial Soul is our high self, our inspirational self, through which we receive guidance and direction in our lives. It is the conduit through which Spirit makes its intentional desires known. The Celestial Soul sits in abiding presence, awaiting a directive from us that it can then take action on our behalf. It cannot, however, in general circumstance, take action without a clear and well-defined command from our Earth Soul/Mind. In order for the Celestial Soul to respond to our heart’s desire it must receive a directive in a very literal and unambiguous manner. If we, for example, have come to the understanding that we are in need of a greater degree of joy in our lives, we can communicate that desire as a firm choice to our Celestial Soul. We must framework our language to express our specific heart’s desire.

Here is a well-stated and clear communication: “I choose living my life in joy.” It is a commitment, a vow. There is no back door nor room for excuses nor qualifications.

Were we to say: “I choose to live my life in joy” the use of the word ‘to’ (or ‘to be’ or ‘to have’ etc) places it in the future. Our Celestial Soul will not take any measures in support, as the message it has been given by us is one of ‘not now, but later’.

Likewise must we avoid the use of a negative statement. The subconscious mind is incapable of receiving a direct negative command, so when it hears us say something such as “I will not live in sadness”, what it hears is “I will _____ live in sadness.” That statement is then what is passed on to the Celestial Soul as a command. This is important because the subconscious mind is that part of our intelligence that is the bridge between our Mind and our Soul, and it acts as a filter between the two.

The realm in which the Celestial Soul resides, the Celestial Realm, is comprised of the potentiality of all possibilities. When we give the Celestial Soul a directive it will draw together from that infinite pool of possibilities the specific qualities and situations required to bring the heart’s desire into manifest reality. When this is accomplished the Celestial Soul comes into embodiment in order to imprint the resonant structures of consciousness necessary to receive the gifts it has garnered on our behalf.

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