Costa Rica Healing Retreat: Soul Retrievals

Costa Rica Healing Retreat: Soul Retrievals

Earth, Underworld, and Celestial Soul Retrievals

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On March 13th, the third day of the Costa Rica Healing Retreat, we will be directly, experientially, engaging the Retrieval and Recovery of each of our three Souls. Instruction, guidance, and personal assistance by myself, Jade Grigori, will provide you with the prerequisite knowledge and its application to safely perform further Soul Retrievals and Recoveries on yourself (advanced training is required to be able to do so on behalf of others).

The Soul’s Design

We have three Souls or aspects of one Soul. They are the Earth, Underworld, and Celestial Souls. Each has its attributes and functions. When the three Souls are in a state of empowered equilibrium our life is balanced and aligned with our Spirit in its purpose and heart’s desire.

The Earth Soul is the one that we communicate with on a day-to-day basis and is the residing place of our short-term memory. With this Soul we make connections in a logical manner, recognizing patterns and associations and grounding these perceptions into the Body/Mind as conscious awareness. That which is referred to as ‘the immune system’ is, in the Shamanic context, the Earth Soul. When the Earth Soul is present we are grounded, mature, and present.

The Underworld Soul, or Dream Soul, is the Soul from which we dream. As our senses shut down at night our attention shifts to the Dream Soul. Our remembered experiences of this Soul and its activities are what are translated to us in the waking state as dreams. It is within the Underworld Soul that we store our life force that we generate each and every day. This charge of life force, or Power, as we refer to it Shamanically, resonates with our thoughts, feelings, impressions, experiences, and perceptions; that is, memories. The Underworld Soul is the place where our long-term memories are stored. The Underworld Soul is also where our traumas and sufferings are held, To Dream our Life in a beautiful manner, we must clear and integrate the Underworld Soul.

Our Celestial Soul is the High Self through which we receive spiritual guidance and direction in our lives. When our attention is moved into the Celestial Soul we experience flying dreams, dreams of the transcendental, and visions that alter our perceptions of, and approaches to, life forevermore. Full integration of the Celestial Soul with embodied Consciousness is necessary for our spiritual practices, especially those of prayer and manifesting, to be effective.

Why Soul Retrieval?

In a Soul Retrieval, we recognize that the Soul of the person has experienced a cleaving away of an intended commune of some aspect of its essence and that this shunting away was done in order to protect that disengaged quality of essential character in order to ensure that no further damage occurs to that expression of the Soul.

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Earth Soul Retrieval

When the Earth Soul has become dislodged or disconnected we oftentimes feel that we’re watching ourselves living our life, rather than being the one living it. Mental fogginess, feeling disconnected or discombobulated are all indicators of the Earth Soul’s disconnect from the rest of life.

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Underworld Soul Retrieval

We will journey, by way of Drum and Song, going into the Underworld Realm, there to seek, find and release your Underworld Soul.

When the Underworld Soul is disconnected we rarely dream, and oftentimes suffer long-term memory difficulties, a lack of sustaining energy to carry us through our day, let alone accomplish our goals.

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Celestial Soul Integration

Too often the Celestial Soul/High Self/Inspirational Self is perceived as being ‘out there’ or somewhere above us. When this is the case, we are unable to effectively find response from Creation to our Intentions, our Heart’s Desire. In order for our Celestial Soul to be engaged, it must be brought into embodiment.

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