Eagle’s Egg Meditation – Zoom

Eagle’s Egg Meditation

Sunday, November 1, 2020, 12pm MST

The Eagle’s Egg Meditation is the foundational practice for all the Shamanic work I do. It is a meditative practice of active engagement, rather than passive detachment. The Eagle’s Egg Meditation brings one into the pure state of non-attachment, allowing one to be fully present in the recapitulation of emotionally charged beliefs, feeling, memories, traumas, programmings, etc while being non-reactive, non-triggered by these.

With the included methods of dispelling the spell of these old and limiting emotionally charged experiences, a very rapid and full cleanse of the body-mind-soul is achieved. When one’s field is no longer littered with the blockages of the past, one’s Spirit is enabled a free-flowing expression in life once again.



Sliding Scale: $22 – $104

Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

To Participate:

  1.  Register Here
  2. Immediately make your contribution: PayPal.me/jadegrigori
  3. I will send you an email with your Zoom access code for this event about one hour before the start time.
  4. At the stated time, click the Zoom access link and you will be online in the event.
  5. Please make sure your device (a computer is best) is set up for video and audio.
  6. After the event, I will email you the link to download the video of our ceremony. You will have 24 hours to download the ceremony video. Please do not procrastinate!