Earth Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming the Lost Child



Retrieval of the Earth Soul: Reclaiming the Lost Child

Our Earth Soul processes linear perceptions handles cognitive functions and short-term memory. It is this aspect of our self that manages our immune system and overall health. When the Earth Soul is fully embodied and functional we experience life from within our bodies, we see the world through our eyes and perceptions in a sensate manner.

When the Earth Soul has become dislodged or disconnected we often times feel that we’re watching ourselves living our life, rather than being the one living it. Mental fogginess, difficulty with deductive thought processes, feeling disconnected or discombobulated, these are all indicators of the Earth Soul’s disconnect from the rest of our life. We find that we can’t remember where we put our keys. When reading a book we must stop and scan the previous paragraphs just read in order to keep the progression of the story or article fresh in our memory. At times we will feel as if the world is just a dream that we are drifting through. When we go out in public, or to social gatherings we move into a state of overwhelm; the thoughts, feelings and health conditions of those around us become indistinct from our own. It is hard to tell which emotions, thoughts, and experiences are ours, and which belong to another. For those whose Earth Soul is disconnected these experiences I have just described are not momentary or atypical, they are the stuff of daily struggle, maybe not all of these, and perhaps not all at the same time, but recognizable as a continual part of ‘how life is’.

Life, however, is not supposed to be this way. When our Earth Soul is functional and healthy, connected and integrated, we experience life afresh, innocent to each experience, each person we meet innocent to our eyes of perception. Our memory is active and engaged; names come easily when we meet that person again (5 minutes later!). Logical progressions of information are held, able to be viewed in relationship to new incoming information. We can experience empathy (the comprehension of what another is undergoing by relating it to our own repertoires of experiences) for another in their situation rather than being in sympathy (feeling their experience within our own self, as if it is now a part of our experience) with that person. Participation in the cause and effect of our choices and actions is reliable, rather than ephemeral and vague. Personal empowerment in our ability to create our experience of life is a strength, rather than indulging in magical thinking, believing that our life’s circumstance is in someone or something else’s determination, that, if we can only please and appease the other one sufficiently, all will turn out alright. Life is rich and full of surprises with a willingness to trust ourselves in meeting new life events. We feel safe, and secure, in the face of life and interpersonal interactions. When our Earth Soul is at home residing within our body, we feel the pulse of life streaming through our physical tissues, a feeling of effervescence and vitality. When we are at home in our body we are emotionally present and fluid in response to the situations that life presents us. This is how life, in its fullest, is experienced when our Earth Soul is integrated into our whole Self.

Trauma is usually that which causes the Earth Soul to become disconnected, and it generally, though not always, occurs when a person is young, before maturity has grown within the person. As a child we are hard-wired to rely upon those adults around us to care for us, protect and nurture us and to provide for our needs. When an adult in our environs acts in a manner that is threatening of our safety, security and trust, the conflict the we, as a child, experience is so intense, so out-of-the-realm of that child being able to comprehend and handle, that the response is to separate from the threat. As physical separation is not an option to a child dependent upon adults for their well being, the secondary option is a separation of the Soul from the outwards threat and situation. The Earth Soul detaches.

When the Earth Soul disengages it will retreat to a place of safety, in order to avoid any further threat to its sanctity. The place to which the Earth Soul retreats is most often into the Dream Realm. There, in that territory of fantasy and imagination, exist Mythic structures of the Dream Soul. In particular there is to be found a construct that is familiar and congruent within every person. This construct of our dream is a place we, Shamanically, refer to as the Cave. We enter the Cave for the purpose of isolating ourselves from the perceived threat of the outer world. The very moment we enter the Cave our own Dream Soul provides us with a Guardian to stand guard at the mouth of the Cave to ensure that no one gets in, thereby assuring that no further harm can come to the Little Boy/Girl – or Lost Child – who has come to recluse there. As well the Guardian is tasked to make sure that the Lost Child does not wander out of the Cave and back into the world that has been found to be so painful and threatening. The Guardian will take on the form and visage comprised of our own associations of who or what is a protector. The imagery and character may derive from our personal Mythos, i.e. arising from our own imaginative constructions, or borrowed from popular culture. Depending on the child’s cultural exposure the Guardian may appear as a figure from a comic book (super-hero or some such) or TV show, a favorite book or story we have been told. Whatever we have conflated from our own imaginations will be the developing force that determines the character and form of the Guardian who will watch over us.

Inside the Cave the Little Girl/Boy resides, unaware of and unconcerned with the passage of time. Maturation of emotion and perception ceases. So long has the Lost Child been in the Cave, and for so long has the Guardian been in attendance, that the Cave has become, in essence, a prison; the Guardian a jailor – not by design, only by the duration in which there has been no progression of maturation. The Earth Soul, meanwhile, occupies itself with the purpose, and the activity that gives that unique purpose expression, for which it had incarnated. Endlessly, timelessly (literally) the Little Boy/Girl is consumed with its endeavor. The Soul does continue its own purpose-driven development. However, as the Soul is not anchored within the body, the value of the Soul’s growth is not integrated as knowledge into the person’s life – that is, not unless/until the Soul is brought back into union with the person’s whole life. Then the full expression of value is brought to bear in one vast thrust of splendor and knowingness.

The retrieval of the Earth Soul is a necessity for a person, whose Soul has been departed, to live life in fullness and acuity of consciousness. If the individual has brought resolve to the originating trauma that brought about the separation of the Soul from worldly involvement, this is often sufficient to bring the Soul back into alignment. The reentry of the Soul is verifiable by the range of sensate perceptions being expanded, return of mental faculties and memory and an awareness of being ‘home’ once again. For those whose Earth Soul remains lost or ajar, it is most often required that they seek assistance in bringing it back home. This is the service of the Shaman, who is a Technician of the Sacred. An unparalleled investigator and explorer of the psyche, a Shaman has immersed him/herself into the numinous tapestry of creation and risen back to the world of the senses to report and apply what has been discovered and learned therein.

This realm of the Shaman’s investigation is a realm of Power (that is, of Life Force) concentrated and crystallized into specific forms under the guidance of archetypal motives. The archetypal forces of the Soul interact with our emotional and intentional modes of behavior and being and take upon themselves the nature and distinction of those imprints as the psychic content of any given structure, such as the Lost Child aspect of the Earth Soul, or the Guardian who stands fast in its duty to protect the Lost Child from further harm and injury.

Energy work will not return the Soul, as the Soul is comprised of Power and is not affected by energy techniques, energy being Power in its disintegrative or dissipative state, just as physical matter is Power in its condensed or congested state. Each – energy, matter and power – functions according to its corresponding laws of physics. The laws which regulate the flow of energy (polarity) and the motion of matter (gravity) are different and do not affect one the other. So does Power have its own set of natural laws (lesser charged fields of Power flow to more intensely charged fields of Power) that govern it, and these laws of physics are not amenable to the polarities of energy. Nor, it is important to add, is the retrieval of the Soul a mere reintegration of fragmented aspects of the subconscious mind. That work, while valuable as a tool of psychological device, is limited in its effectiveness to the realms of Mind, and Mind is not the same as Soul. Intimate knowledge and understanding of the topography and terrain of the Soul and the principles and physics of Power is a prerequisite in being able to effectively bring the Soul back into alignment.
During the course of a Soul Retrieval, the Shaman will send his/her Spirit into the realms of the client’s Dream Soul, there to go in quest of the Earth Soul that has become the Lost Child therein. Following the slender silvery-blue thread that connects a person’s body-mind to their Soul, the Shaman will encounter any and all congestions stored away within that thread. These are, typically, a person’s tears, fears, and traumas, their guilt, shames and resentments that have been stuffed away due to the person’s not having been able to effectively resolve or contend with those obstructions at the time of their formation and experience. As these are touched by the Shaman’s passage they are released and transformed, purified, such is the compassionate embrace of the Shaman. The Shaman also takes note of each obstruction, which she/he is then able to relate to the client upon completion of the journey of Soul Retrieval, if relevant. Upon coming to the location of the Lost Child in the Cave, the Shaman is interrupted by the standing forth of the Guardian, who has been assigned the task of preventing any from entering the Cave.
This is where the intimate knowledge the Shaman has of the Dream World and its denizens is so critical. To seek to fight, overcome and vanquish the Guardian only evokes its purpose into action. The experienced and wise Shaman, therefore, does not seek to battle the Guardian. Rather, he/she bows down in front of the Guardian and speaks: “Guardian, I honor you for your dedication and commitment in fulfilling your task of protecting this Lost Child. A fine job you have done. Such a fine job, in fact, that I have been sent here to promote you! Your service has been recognized and appreciated, and it is now bestowed upon you to walk forth into the world, this Child’s arm in your arm, as Chaperone. You will still protect this Child from those who would cause injury or dishonor, while at the same time introducing this Child to those people and situations that will bring him/her honor and opportunity.” Knowing well the nature of the Guardians, having spent so much time in their domain of the Dream, I happen to know that they love this. The Guardian is, after all, another projection of the person’s Soul, but their Underworld/Dream Soul, into crystallized archetypal form. And, having remained on task all this time, that aspect of the person’s Underworld Soul has not had the chance to grow and evolve any more than the Lost Child in the Cave had. They are bound together in mutual destiny. By freeing the Underworld Soul’s aspect of Guardian, enabling it to step forth in the next highest octave of its evolutionary expression, is an experience of exalted freedom for that Soul archetype. The Guardian then shapeshifts through a variety of forms, trying on, as it were, different personas to find the one that will best serve it in its continued service to the Child, who is also about to mature. The Guardian will then settle into a singular guise and declare itself and its nature and attributes of service. The visage of the Chaperone will also be determined by the client’s unconscious associations of a character or mythic figure that embodies the qualities the Chaperone now brings to the relationship.
Stepping past the Guardian-now-Chaperone, the Shaman enters the Cave. Observing the Lost Child, getting an impression of the Soul’s purpose exhibited by the Child’s occupying activities, the Shaman waits till he/she is noticed. Only then does the Shaman speak and introduce his/herself and the purpose of the visit: to bring the Lost Child home to the body-mind of the world from which it has escaped. It is not unusual for the Lost Child to cry out: “No-o-o-o! Why would I want to go back there? It is painful and dangerous.” As the Lost Child in the Cave has had no awareness of the passage of time, neither does he/she have any knowledge of the growth, physically, mentally and emotionally, of the body-mind personality that resides in the world. As far as the Child knows, the abuse or danger or threats to his/her survival is still occurring. When I speak with the Child and inform them that I have been sent to bring them home, they will continue in asking: “Is there anyone there for me? Is there anyone there who will love me, care for me, see to my needs, put me first above all others? Is there anyone there who will challenge me to grow, and support me in meeting those challenges? Is anyone there for me?”

It is at this point that I must ask of you, who are reading this, who have recognized your own plight in this Mythos I have been relating – you, who have found that I am speaking to you, I must ask: “What am I to answer this Child? Is there anyone there for him/her? Is there anyone who will stand in honor of the needs of this Child, love her/him, challenge and support him/her?” I will then ask you, if you have not already embraced and responded to the true nature of what is being asked: “Will you stand forth on behalf of this Child, your own Soul, lost, who now wants to come home? Will you welcome and embrace in love this Child, your Soul?” But of course you will, this is why you have come this far.

You will now understand that you, dear reader, have come to embody all the qualities of character that the Lost Child, your own Little Boy/Girl, your Soul, so desperately needed for someone to share with you when you were frightened and threatened, but there was no one there for you. The adults who were supposed to be the ones who cared for you as that little child, were the very ones who threatened, or simply ignored, your needs. And now you have grown to incorporate all those traits of caring and loving and protection of innocence and trust and safety. You have become the very one you so dearly needed when you were so very young. You, alerted reader, separated your Soul from the events and situations that were so threatening and damaging, in order that the sanctity of your being would be protected, safe from further harm. You survived. How do I know you survived? Because you are even now reading this. And beyond surviving, you have succeeded! You have succeeded in being the person who is eminently qualified to care for such a tender Soul as your own. It is now time to bring the Lost Child home, to become whole once again, to return to full functioning in your life. Let us begin… all you need do is ask.

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