Evening Star Ceremony Guidance

Thank you for the honor of gifting you this ceremony.

I will present guidance as to how to proceed.

  1. Study the below image of the seven-pointed star. The numbers at the tip of each point indicate which ‘star-within’ or chakra is referenced.
  2. Scroll down to the next image. This shows the location of each star-within.
  3. Hold your attention upon the color of the indicated star as you slide from one to the next. The pattern goes from 7>5>3>1>6>4>2>7
  4. There is an activation of attention one must hold with each star-within. These Seven Attentions are listed below.

Stars-Within locations

Location of the Stars-Within

7 – Purple

6 – Indigo

5 – Blue

4 – Green

3 – Yellow

2 – Orange

1 – Red


The Seven Attentions

7 – Purple: Hold a clear awareness of your heart’s desire.

5 – Blue: Ask Uncle Venus to bring this gift to you.

3 – Yellow: Experience the emotions knowing that your Uncle will gift you. Excitement! Anticipation!

1 – Red: The grounded knowingness that this is really a done deal.

6 – Indigo: Perceive (visualize, hear, feel, etc) yourself being in the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.

4 – Green: Bask in the loving self-acceptance of the worthiness of your heart’s desire.

2 – Orange: Imagine the manifest fulfillment of your heart’s desire… celebrate it! Jump for joy!

7 – Purple: Gratitude. Express your appreciation to Uncle Venus for responding to your needs.


It is now time to practice integrating these elements of the ceremony.

  1. Locate Venus in the evening sky. It will be that brightest star above the western horizon.
  2. Choose something you can easily express a desire for, let’s use the example of Love.
  3. Keeping your head level, lift your eyes upwards to Venus. Yes, it may strain your eyes a bit.
  4. Keeping your eyes open and upon Venus, place your attention upon your 7th chakra (top of head). Hold your awareness upon Love (as per this example), while you are imagining the color purple.
  5. Maintaining awareness of Love/purple, slide your attention along the path that goes from 7 to 5 in the seven-pointed star diagram, while simultaneously moving your attention from your 7th chakra to your 5th chakra.
  6. As you enter your 5th chakra (throat), shift your attention to blue, while asking Uncle Venus for Love.
  7. Moving from the 5th chakra to the 3rd chakra (solar plexus) experience the anticipation and excitement of Love!
  8. Once you have entered the 3rd chakra/yellow (solar plexus) experience the anticipation and excitement, of receiving Love.
  9. Continue in this manner with each point of the star/chakra pattern/color/attention.
  10. When you have returned to the 7th chakra/purple, express your gratitude for Love.


Continue the movement of your awareness along the path of the star pattern in exactly the same manner one more time, experiencing and expressing gratitude for the gift you have been given.

Practice this a few times until you can do so without looking at the graphs.

Engaging the Evening Star Ceremony

Now that you are practiced in the art of flowing your Attention along the star paths, you are almost ready to actualize this Gifting ceremony in real-time.

Evening Star Song – MP3

  1. Contemplate: Just what is your true heart’s desire. Refine it. Cut out the fluff and conditionalities. Make it a simple statement of truth. Example: I chose Love. Or: I chose free-flowing creativity.
  2. I have included, above, an audio file of me singing the Evening Star song.  Listen to it a time or two to familiarize yourself with its rhythm and duration.
  3. Set up your phone or other listening devices so it is ready to play when you go outside to greet Venus and the Moon.
  4. Stand before Venus and the Moon. If it is cloudy, no worries, place your focus upon where they are in the sky anyway.
  5. While listening to the song (do not sing along!) actualize all the elements you have practiced.
  6. An important key to the success of this ceremony is to participate in the Gifting, You do so by gifting your Gifter (Jade Grigori) seven-fold what was gifted you. ($7 x 7 = $49).
  7. Sacred relationships of numbers are foundational to the inner workings of many of our ceremonials. Therefore, it is important that you gift back exactly $49, and that the original Gifter (me) receives exactly $49,
  8. In order to do that using PayPal, you must use the ‘Friends and Family’ option, which does not deduct a % transaction fee. Find out how to use the Friends and Family option.
  9. Another option is to use the money transfer via FaceBook Messenger. To do so you must register a debit (not credit) card via Facebook. Go into Messenger, as if you were going to send me a message. Click the ‘$’ icon (it only shows up if you and I both have a card on file). It is free and instantaneous and secure.  How to use Facebook Messenger payments.

Once I have sent you the gift of $7 you can utilize this ceremony ONCE at each Venus/Moon conjunction during this Venus season. The dates (with leeway a day before or after) of these conjunctions are the evenings of:

  • February 27, 2020 – 23º Aries
  • March 28, 2020 – 24ºTaurus
  • April 26, 2020  – 17ºGemini
  • May 23, 2020 – 19º Gemini

Each engagement of the Evening Star Ceremony requires the seven-fold gifting of $49 to the Gifter (Jade Grigori)

Once the last conjunction of Venus and the Moon has passed, the opportunity is complete. The song changes for each season, and so may not be repeated the next Evening Star season unless you request that I gift you anew at that time. The next Evening Star season begins June 2021.