Family Soul Retrieval

Family Soul Retrieval

By Appointment ~ Work Done Remotely

The vastness of the Underworld is not in its breadth but its depth. Its parameters are defined by significance, its features are composed of value. The deeper into the depths of the Underworld we journey, the greater the value and significance are of what we experience therein. 

When an individual comes to me asking for help it is understood, in these Ways, that the person asking for help is carrying the wounds of the entire family or clan within their Soul. In order to truly assist the person in regaining their freedom and alignment with their Spirit’s path, it is necessary to address the realignment of the whole clan. Imagine, if you will, that each person is a thread and the threads of a family or clan are woven together as a tapestry. If one person’s thread is frayed, discolored, or broken, the entirety of the tapestry loses coherence. If the family tapestry has holes, rips, or worn spots in it, the beauty and capability of the individual within the family are likewise debilitated and limited in their fullest expression of their own unique beauty and purpose.

The rips and tears of the family tapestry may be due to dark repressed family secrets, an entrenched family pattern of abuse, or historical trauma that is passed down generationally. Likewise, if an individual is an addict, a thief, or a scoundrel, the damaged condition of their thread affects the whole of the family tapestry. In order to compensate or cover up for the dysfunctional thread in their midst, the beauty and purpose of the whole family are denigrated thereby.

The Underworld/Dream Realm, the residing place of the Underworld Soul, is the place into which we must journey in order to heal these wounds — of the individual, the family, and the clan — that disrupt the Tapestry of the Family Soul.


Into the Underworld

In the uppermost regions of the Underworld are those feelings and emotions that are in the purview of the Mind, the Observer. Deeper still we find the stuff of our reveries and imaginings, filled with symbolic representations of the makings of the Soul. When we come to the terminus — the edge between darkness and light — where consciousness is incapable of transiting further, the topography of the Underworld reveals itself as an escarpment. The drop-off is steep and far. Its slope cannot be navigated with any semblance of Mind present. The Mind’s functions are those of analyzing, judging, and reacting, which are necessary functions of getting by in a 3D linear realm. Only with Awareness – the faculty of perception of the Spirit – engaged are we able to continue into the abyss of the Underworld, which is non-linear and non-causal. Awareness knows only ‘Is-ness’ and partakes not of analysis, judgment, or reactivity. Awareness embraces and responds. 

From the base of the escarpment extends an unbounded forest, or sometimes it is an ocean, a desert, the steppe, or unending mountains. Each terrain is respective of the emergent nature of the Soul. Within these topographical cosmologies are to be found the individual Souls who, in reaction to their wounding of abuse, isolation, neglect, or shame, have wandered, and have often become lost, into the Underworld so as to no longer have to bear the pain and suffering of their wounds in the 3D linear realm of the Earth Soul. That is to say, as a tactic of survival, the Soul, individual or Family, has retreated away from the place in which the wounding has occurred. This disconnection is both needful and valuable for the Soul. It is held as an honorable and worthy response to a situation that is no longer bearable.

With the faculty of Awareness intact, the location of the Lost Family Soul is set upon. Every Soul leaves a trail of bluish light wherever it travels. Following the trail with my Spirit’s Awareness will lead me inevitably to the current location of the Soul. As the Underworld is non-local and non-temporal, every experience of the Soul since it crossed over into the Underworld is experienced as ‘happening’ rather than as having ’happened’. As my Spirit travels along the pathway of the Family Soul it embraces everything, along with its fullest emotional content, and responds accordingly. This response might be an embrace of compassion, forgiveness, or a call for justice.


During the journey for the Retrieval of the Family Soul I go forth into the Underworld as the Red Jaguar, the transcendent Spirit of all jaguars and  panthers. Tracking the blue light that all Souls leave in their passage, the Red Jaguar moves with stealth through the twilit realm of the Underworld. Sometimes the trail leads to encounters with Demons and Monsters (the fears, guilts, shames, trauma, and sufferings of the Family Soul) that inhabit these darkened places. When this be the case, Red Jaguar calls upon his kin, the black panthers and jaguars, to free those entrapped Souls. When all members of the Family Soul are thus liberated, the journey proceeds. Across the deeps of the forest Red Jaguar ushers the Lost Souls. Scrambling down the steep sides of an escarpment, ultimately all arrive at the Village. The Village is inhabited by other Lost Souls/Family Souls who have found their freedom, and have taken up residence in the peaceful, secure, and empowering Village. For it is in the Village, and in the welcoming embrace of its inhabitants, that the Lost Souls continue to develop and refine each their own Soul’s purpose and gifts. Those Souls who have not had the Calling of their Earth Soul to return,  remain in  the Village, until such a time occurs. The Family Souls who have requested Retrieval are guided by the Red Jaguar back across the chasm to the Other (Earth) Side, and thus Home and into healthy integration with the Family Soul’s purpose and gifts renewed.

If this speaks to your Soul, and wish to engage a

Family Soul Retrieval, please register:

A) Send me a  Registration containing the following information:

  • The current date
  • State that you are requesting a ‘Family Soul Retrieval’
  • Your gender.
  • Your condition or situation in just a few words (no long stories or explanations, please!)
    • Example: Family feuding, estrangement, grief, etc
  • Your heart’s desire, in a few words.
    • Example: Joy, forgiveness, harmony

B) Include:

  • The relationships of your family members you wish to have included (Example: Mother, Brother, Son)

C) Go to the Payments page, click on ‘General Payment – Buy now’

D) Submit a payment of $333 US. You may use a credit card.

E) I will email you back an acknowledgment of receipt of your request and payment once I have received both. These must be received prior to the announced night of the Soul Retrieval, so do not delay.

F) On the appointed nights I will fulfill your request for a Family Soul Retrieval.

G) I will then email you, within a few days, a short description of what transpired and, if it is relevant, any instructions necessary for the fulfillment of your Family Soul Retrieval.

Thank you for entrusting me with your Family Soul. It is a responsibility that I hold with utmost sincerity and honor.

~Jade Grigori