Garuda, Eater of the Snakes of Darkness – Zoom

Garuda, Eater of the Snakes of Darkness
Sunday, August 16th, 12pm MDT
This is the ceremony of Eagle Brother in his guise as Garuda, Eater of the Snakes of Darkness. The Snakes of Darkness are those things within ourselves that are dark, hidden, and destructive. The snakes of Darkness are also those Beings/Entities that are harmful, threatening, and dangerous.
Eagle Brother, in his aspect of Garuda, sits perched upon a rocky outcrop high above a vast and arid plain far below. He is chanting “Om-Mani-Nani-Hum-Naieee! Garuda I am. Eater of the Snakes of Darkness I am. Who calls me from my aerie?” He then leaps from his vantage point and flies above the landscape spread beneath him. As he flies he casts a shadow upon the ground below… not, however, a dark shadow, but a shadow of light.
Again he chants/speaks: “Whosoever shall call me from my perch, I will seek that one and consume them with my Shadow of Light! When I pass over the one who cowers and hides at my approach, that one I will eat. Oblivion shall be their fate. The one who, upon seeing my imminent passage, sits in meditative repose and surrenders to their fate, that one I shall eat and Bliss they shall know. For the one who calls me forth, when my Shadow of Light passes over them I shall eat them also. Garuda they will become. Garuda I am. Eater of the Snakes of Darkness I am. Who is it that calls me forth?”
“It is I who calls you forth!”
Garuda passes over the cowering one first and eats it. Into oblivion it goes (release from suffering). Om-Mani-Nani-Hum-Naieee!
The one who sits in repose awaiting their fate, into Bliss they go when Garuda eats the Snakes of Darkness (attachments, fears, old programming, karma, etc). Om-Mani-Nani-Hum-Naieee!
When Garuda comes to the one who has called him forth he eats that one (YOU) and becomes Garuda itself! That one’s (YOUR) Celestial Soul, now as Garuda, returns to the rocky perch to await the one who will call it forth in turn… Om-Mani-Nani-Hum-Naieee!
Whatever IS, or awaits us in our life, is generated by our own Soul. The realm of our Soul is Dream. So, whatever we Dream is projected into 3-D as our experience in this world. The import of this is that somewhere within your own Soul realms there have been the Snakes of Darkness that have usurped and interfered with your Higher Self’s desire and vision of your life. There is also that element within your Soul that sabotages, lives in denial, and feels lost and neglected.
It is the passionate embrace of your Will that has called forth Garuda and enables Garuda to eat these Snakes of Darkness and to transmute them. By so cleansing your own Inner Realms of these debilitating Snakes, the field of creation that is your own Soul is then available for you to now create, in your life, what you truly desire.
Garuda you will become! Om-Mani-Nani-Hum-Naieee!


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