Grandfather Tobacco – Zoom

Grandfather Tobacco

Sunday, September 27th, 12pm MDT ~ via Zoom

Grandfather, who was like a finger upon the hand of Creator, looked upon the Earth and saw that we Two-Leggeds were lost and wandering inthe Darkness, having turned from or forgotten our ways of Spirit. Grandfather, seeing us in such a state, had compassion for us. As an expression of that compassion he chose embodiment upon the Earth. For this purpose he created for himself a body as a plant, an herb, the one we know as Tobacco, so that whenever we might release his Spirit from that embodiment, he would carry our prayers back to the hand of Creator, causing that hand to move in accordance with our prayers.

  • Myths, Stories and Teachings on the ceremonial use of Tobacco as a sacrament.
  • How to utilize tobacco in releasing oneself from the addiction to cigarettes.
  • How to make Offerings with Tobacco.



Sliding Scale: $22 – $104

Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

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