Great Mother Bear – Old Man Bear

Great Mother Bear – Old Man Bear 

Reclaiming Personal Power

Full Moon ~ April 16-17-18

Ceremony done remotely.

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All authentic Shamanic Ceremonials are the dramatic enactment of the Mythos inherent within cosmological phenomenon.

Between the February cross-quarter and the Spring Equinox, male bears emerge from hibernation.

Female bears emerge from hibernation with their cubs in early April when the bright red star Arcturus rises in the east in the evening.

The Spirits are awoken in stories. I will be telling/writing the stories of the Great White Mother Bear and Old Man Bear, awakening their Power, Presence, and Purpose on behalf of the participants in this Ceremonial.

Great Mother Bear embraces her children and ensures their freedom to enter the World safely. In this re-dreaming of your Soul, I will carry you into the Womb of the Great White Mother Bear, whose name is Ots’o.

  • While in the Womb of Ots’o you will:
    • Be awakened as Eagle to your Spirit’s purpose, path, and calling.
    • Be aligned with the Feminine (Earth Mother/Ots’o/All your Woman Relations)
    • The Wolves of Memory will be called forth to cleanse you of stagnant, harmful, and debilitating emotional states.
    • Re-united in Soul with Consciousness, whole and aligned in purpose.
    • Born forth anew into the World, safe and nurtured!
  • Old Man Bear is the Protector, clearing away all threats to the cubs.+
    • You will embark upon a Mythic Journey in Dream Time.
    • Old Man Bear will provide sustenance for your Soul.
    • Old Man Bear will purge you from any disempowering, debilitating threats upon you, whether these are self-generated or externally imposed.
    • You will reenter the World, secure and empowered.

This is the opportunity for you to come out of hibernation and re-enter the World empowered, with purpose and presence renewed.

My Grampa Peña’s Bear Song will be sung to activate the transformation, healing, and empowerment brought forth, and will be included as an audio file in your report.

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