Healing Retreat: Costa Rica

Costa Rica Healing Retreat

March 9-14

Three full days (March 10-11-12) of participatory healing ceremonials with Jade Grigori

One full day of excursion (March 13) and enjoyment of the splendor of the Costa Rican Caribbean

For many, one treatment, or even one day of treatments, is not sufficient to meet the depth of healing work required to truly bring into the Light the Darkness that has been harbored within a lifetime of guilt, shame, injury and suffering. This Costa Rica Healing Retreat provides the opportunity to engage your personal healing in a safe, supportive and powerful environment of discovery, purification and healing.

By virtue of how Jade Grigori presents his Healing Ceremonials, the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into how Shamaniziong works, the Healing Ceremonials are also Teachings of the inner dimensions of Shamanic Healing.

Day One

Spiritual Parasites: A Shamanic Perspective of Abuse

This treatment provides a means of removing the entities – Spiritual Parasites – that are transmitted from the perpetrator of abuse – whether sexual, physical,  verbal, mental or emotional – to the person being abused. The consequence of the presence of these Spiritual Parasites is a downward spiral of social and sexual withdrawal and isolation, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, addiction, health debilitations and suicidal thoughts. The removal of these entities frees the person of their suffering, enabling them the free expression of life once again.

Read the full article here: Spiritual Parasites: A Shamanic Perspective of Abuse

Day Two

Transformation of the Shadow Adversary

We find ourselves acting out in manners and behaviors that are ‘not our own’. Habits, addictions, and self-destructive behaviors rear their head up and usurp our progression. These are the actions of the Shadow Adversary, a life-negatively endowed aspect of our own internal archetypal dynamics. They are not figments of the imagination, nor psychosomatic disruptions. These Shadow Adversaries are potent forces yearning for expression. It is our task to realign them with our Spirit’s Calling.

Each participant receives direction and training in how to transmute these forces of Darkness, bringing them into the Light of aligned expression.

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Day Three

Soul Retrieval

We have three Souls – Earth, Underworld, and Celestial. It is imperative to learn the distinction between these three, and what the consequences are of the loss of each Soul. Under Jade’s guidance, you will journey into the respective Realms of the Souls, there to receive in loving embrace each of your own Souls, bringing them back home into embodiment so that you can reclaim your dignity, autonomy, and empowerment.

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Day Four


After three intense days of healing and group interactivity, we close with a day of exploration, relaxation, beach time, and… chocolate!


⭐ Registration

Please go to this page – REGISTRATION – and fill out the form completely, and read the Terms of Service before submitting.

⭐ Payment

A non-refundable deposit of $223 is required at the time of registration. Simply use your credit/debit card with PayPal.

The balance of $1,800 is payable through Zelle (a bank-to-bank money transfer system). Upon receipt of your Registration and Deposit, I will email you a Zelle request for the completion of the payment in full. The payment in full is due immediately.

⭐ Final day of registration is February 21, 2023.



⭐ Three days of healings with Jade Grigori.

⭐ Excursion day:

A visit to the Jaguar Rescue Center

Lunch at one of the best local Costa Rican restaurants.

A tour of a chocolate farm (with chocolate eating!)

⭐ Lodging at  Lanna Ban Hotel upon the astounding Punta Cocles beach.


Does not include:

  • Flights and ground transport
  • Meals (except lunch on Excursion Day)
  • Extracurricular activities


Arrival at Lanna Ban Hotel in Cocles, CR must be March 9. Departure is on March 14. You may arrive early or extend your stay at your own expense. Please let me know if you intend to stay at Lanna Ban Hotel for your extended stay so I can arrange the extra nights’ lodging on your behalf.

Upon receipt of your Registration, I will email you an information sheet with important details on arranging your flights in and out of Costa Rica, what to bring, travel tips, etc. No immunizations are required for travel to/from CR/USA/Europe.