Healing the Earth/Healing Ourselves – ZOOM

Healing the Earth/Healing Ourselves

We Are the Earth!

Sunday, May 17 ~ 12 pm MDT

An online event with Zoom

You, and I, we ARE the Earth. Our condition is a direct expression of the state of the Earth. The condition of the Earth is a direct expression of our state of being. When we are in a state of conflict and discord, the Earth expresses that as disruptions in her delicate balance. When we are living in balance and harmony, the Earth heals. When the Earth heals, we experience greater well-being. When we live in gratitude, the Earth expresses that as regenerative abundance. We are one dynamic system.

The ceremony for Healing the Earth/Healing Ourselves dissolves our artificially conceived separation from the Heart of Our Earth Mother. We experience where our personal-within-the-collective disharmony is expressed as disruptions of Earth’s delicate balance. In this ceremony, we are opened up to the direct experience of her body as our own.



Wa-naka-quanda, wa-naka-quanda


Quanda-hey, quanda-hey!

This, the song of Healing the Earth/Healing ourselves activates that unification of Self with Earth and enables us to bring about her healing as we heal ourselves.

In this ceremony, you will be taught the song and its nuances, the method and manner of its singing, so as to bring about the Unification of Self with Earth, and consequently the Healing of Self and Earth.

Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

  • Minimum: $22 – $51. You will receive a link to download the video of the teaching you have participated in.
  • Supporter: $52 – $103. You will receive, in addition, a free download of my professionally recorded audio of the  “Grandfather Fire and the Circle of Animal Brothers”
  • Sponsor: $104 and above. You will also receive a download of the entire album of mythic storytellings: “A Shaman’s Tales”, a professionally recorded album of four mythic stories.

To Participate:

  1.  Register Here
  2. Immediately make your contribution: PayPal.me/jadegrigori
  3. I will send you an email with your Zoom access code for this event.
  4. At the stated time (11:45 am – 12:00 pm MDT), click the Zoom access link and you will be online in the event.
  5. After the event, I will email you the link to download the video of our ceremony, and another for your bonus, if applicable. You will have 24 hours to download the ceremony video. Please do not procrastinate!