In-Person Shamanic Healings

In-Person Shamanic Healings

At Jade’s Home in Silver City, New Mexico

I have opened my doors once again to all who choose to receive in-person Shamanic Healings. Unless otherwise noted, these sessions are private and personal. My full time and attention is devoted to you and your requests.

Treatment Options

  1. One to three treatments. Time: approximately two hours for the first, and  45 minutes for each additional treatment. Fee: $333 for the first treatment, $260 for each additional treatment on the same day.
  2. One full day of Shamanic Healings (Spiritual Parasite Removal, Soul Retrieval, Healing Journeys, Soul Cleansing, etc). Fee: $888
  3. Two or three full days of Shamanic Healings. Time: Approximately 6 hours per day. Fee: Two days – $1,665. Three days – $2,333.

This selection of options will provide you with the time to go as deeply and thoroughly as you are desirous. I do not provide lodging at my home. There are numerous hotels and AirBnBs to be found online. We may be going out to restaurants for meals or sharing an occasional meal from my kitchen.



Registration and Scheduling

EMAIL ME to enquire for the best time to have a free phone consult so we can determine the best dates for your visit, and how many/what types of treatments you are wanting.

REGISTER and submit the registration form to me.

PAYMENT Make an immediate payment via PayPal.