Into the Mystic: Scotland Standing Stones, and the Fairy Folk

Postponed for one year!

Into the Mystic:

Scotland Standing Stones, and the Fairy Folk

A Journey of Ceremony to the Standing Stone Circles of Callanish and the Isle of Skye

New Dates:

June 19 – 28, 2024

Every 19 years,  the Mid-Summer’s Full Moon rises but never arcs across the sky. Rather, it rolls across the Southeastern horizon, never lifting into the sky. This coming June 21, 2024, this phenomenon is occurring.

The Standing Stones Circles of Callanish, on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, were designed and built over 5,000 years ago to honor the ceremonial engagement of this momentous event that is still fully viewable today!

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The Ceremony of Sacred Union

June 19 – 23

We will gather during this most highly sacred timing to activate the Rite of Passage for both Men and Women of all adult ages.

Three stones: The White Maiden, the Red Mother, and the Black Woman of Wisdom. These are the Earthly embodiments/resonators of the Triple Goddess stars of Deneb, Vega, and Altair that rise and pass directly over these three stones during mid-summer.

Single stone: Directly across the circle – which is comprised of thirteen stones defining the circle – is a single, tall stone of phallic shape, with a seminal band of white quartz running from its tip and down the side of the shaft. This upright stone is the embodiment and resonator of the Divine Masculine,  the Great Inseminator… the Moon. Among most indigenous cultures even still, as with the Neolithic Peoples, the Moon is recognized as being masculine, carrying the force of fertility to the Earth.

Women will hold presence and position around the stones of the Triple Goddesses. The Men will hold presence at the base of the Great Inseminator-Moon stone. During the passage of the Triple Goddess stars overhead, and of the Moon across the horizon, we will engage and embody the respective qualities we have aligned with, becoming the mythic expression of these celestial bodies here on Earth. As we journey through the night we will each have healed our resistance and resentment of both the Masculine and the Feminine, preparing us for the intention of the ceremony: Sacred Union! By the Sun’s morning light, we will joyfully acknowledge the Awakening within ourselves, then embrace in honor the Awakening within our Male/Female counterparts in the circle… and thus in the world.

Throughout the night’s ceremonies, you will be guided in song, drumming, and journeying by the Portal-Keepers of the Feminine and the Masculine stones and their attendant groups, as well as by Jade Grigori providing the overarching direction and activations of the night’s events.

Please read my article: The Triple Goddess and the Moon.

The Isle of Skye, Land of the Fairy Folk

June 24 – 26

When last I visited the Isle of Skye in 2007, the Fairy Folk welcomed me and invited me (and by extension YOU) to return. Wherever I have been since they have spoken with me, and asked me to share their stories, to bring awareness to their actual presence. This year, we will go to Skye, and to the Fairy Glen to sit with them, to await their presence.

First, though, we will go to Dunvegan Castle, there to see the Fairy Flag that was given to the MacLeod Clan by the Fairies to seal a pact of support. From there we will continue on to our lodging for two nights in Portree, Skye. Following our visit to the Fairy Glen the next day we will circumambulate the island, with visits to other geological marvels.



June 27 – 28

Time permitting we will visit Culloden (of Outlander fame) and Loch Ness (of the Loch Ness Monster sightings). The evening will be spent at the seaside in a hotel with a fine selection of single malt scotch!

The morning of July 10th will see us off to the airport for our return flights home.

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$4,444 US

Includes all lodging, transport, breakfasts, site fees, and honorings for the staff.

Does not include your round-trip airfare from your residence to Inverness, Scotland, UK, personal meals, beverages, or tips to those whom you feel have earned it.