Into the Shadow Lands

Into the Shadow Lands
Underworld Soul Purification
at the time of the
Solar Eclipse of October 14th, 2023
There is the moment, during a Solar Eclipse, for a glimpse into the Shadow Lands. There might be seen fleeting shadows – hiding in the twilight of the eclipse’s shadow – of the Shades… the Souls of the Dead, the Shadows of those who have cast spells, curses, or aspersions upon you. They can be seen with the Sacred Sight. Being seen anchors them into this, the 3D world. When the Sun returns those Shades will be dissipated/transmuted in the Light.
It is also the moment to release your own Shades of addiction, grudges, and despair into the Light of the Sun. Prepare with me to enter the Shadow Lands and stalk the Shades that lie in hiding within, and release them into the New Sun!
On your behalf, I will Stalk the Shadow Lands!
One cannot dispel the Shadows by shining a light upon their surface from above. It requires entering the Shadow Lands, calling the forces of depredation forth, wrestling them to the ground, and – in the spirit of self-love, honor, and respect – embracing them until the Light of the Sun comes once again to dissolve those Shades into dissipated wisps. One might call upon the Counselors of the Sun King – Mars the Warrior, and Mercury the Messenger – to give counsel as to what secrets lie hidden in those Shades, so as to derive the greatest nectar from your acts of courage. It may be work that is laden with fear: find your strength. It may be work that reflects poorly upon your past deeds: make atonements, forgive yourself, and move forth. It is the necessary work to be done before one can breathe that deep sigh of freedom in a timely manner between our first breath of Life and our final breath of Death.


Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

Sliding Scale: $111 – $333

To Participate:

  1. Register Here
  2. Include:
    • Your name
    • Date, time, and place of birth
    • Gender
    • Maximum of 3 personal Shades of your own known to you.
  1. Immediately make your contribution: PayPal
  2. Upon receipt of both your Registration and your Contribution, I will send you an email acknowledging your participation.
  3. In the few days following the Solar Eclipse, I will email you a report of what transpired on your behalf… what the nature of the Shades were that were discovered in your Underworld Soul, and what they transmuted to in the first Light of the New Sun.