Komodo Dragon Club – Healing Journey

 Komodo Dragon Club: Healing Journey

Sunday, April 11, 12pm, MDT

via Zoom

Sitting in front of Grandfather Fire, I roll a prayer smoke of tobacco, blessing the implements of the journey I am about to take: Eagle, Drum, Little Blue Brothers, purifying incenses, the Earth beneath me and the Sky above me, the Four Directions and finally, myself. Sending a plume of prayer smoke to the Little Blue Brothers, I let them know that our long-standing relationship is to be engaged this night.

Immediately upon calling forth the Little Blue Brothers, I bring Drum and Eagle to hand, tapping out the heartbeat of the Eagle. Singing the song for the Calling of the Little People:

Hey nahk wah handa, hey Chinoi!
Hey nahk wah handa, hey Chinoi!

Hey nahk wah handa, hey Chinoi!
Hey nahk wah handa, hey Chinoi!
Neesh tah kway
Neesh tah kway
Hey nahk wah handa, hey Chinoi!

Hey you Earthly Spirits of celestial origin!
Hey you Earthly Spirits of celestial origin!
Hey you Earthly Spirits of celestial origin!
Hey you Earthly Spirits of celestial origin!
I mean it! I am serious!
I mean it, I’m not messing around!
Hey you Earthly Spirits of celestial origin!

Setting the Drum aside, still holding the Eagle fan upright in front of me, I hold my gaze upon the fire in front of me. As time passes I breathe in slowly, deeply, with attention, releasing any stress or anxiety, preparing my body, mind, and emotions as a purified place, a sanctified residence in which to welcome the Spirits of the Little Blue Brothers when they arrive. Deep into a meditative state I sink. Deep into the embrace of our Earth Mother I surrender, into her loving presence of safety. A rain begins falling from the Sky! This, the embrace of our Sky Father, sends all who are out and about scurrying for cover. He has assured my security thereby. As I sit, gazing into the flame, my eyes open or closed I can no longer tell. I feel within my body the imminent approach of the Little Blue Brothers as if they are climbing up a tunnel out of the earth. In that moment I feel something brush up against my barefoot (I am sitting outside). I light my lighter to see what is caressing my foot. It is a large (10-inch diameter) blue crab, with its claw resting upon my toes! I laugh and call out “Well, hello there!” My laughter continues and I recognize it as the laughter of the Little Blue Brothers. When they come into presence, they always bring hearty laughter with them. Given the intent of tonight’s journey, to dissolve the Reptilians that might be encountered, laughter is the most appropriate expression, it being one of the movements of power that are effective in the removal of inter-dimensional interlopers in a non-force manner. The crab, who dwells in holes in the sand, is an emissary of the Earth Mother, and its touch has brought both acknowledgment and sanctification of my journey. I am ready.

Within moments the presence of the Little Blue Brothers is experienced in fullest measure. Joyful shivers of pleasure vibrate up my back. A feeling of fullness and solidity encompasses me. Faint visuals of color and fractal patterns fill my field of vision when my eyes are closed.

At this moment I hold my attention upon you, the Participant. It is for you that I am upon this journey. The same rills of energy surging through my spine are the ‘Horse’ upon which I ride up the trail of your own cerebral/spinal column. As I enter the region of the Soul where caustic and traumatic memories are held, the realm of demons where one’s fears and anxieties are stored, pushed down into forgetfulness by the instinct for survival, I first encounter my own demons that dwell therein. I cannot enter the Forbidden Land where resides the Reptilians if I myself have not met my own. Grayness swirls about me, drawing me off into the hazy veils of forgetfulness and inner strife, of self-shaming guilt and denigrating self-talk. All the while I am traversing, simultaneously, these same regions within you, the Participant. Awareness, the faculty of perception of the Spirit, which knows only ‘Isness’, is the rider of the Horse. Awareness pierces through the cloudiness of distraction the demons of inner turmoil have presented to obfuscate the path traversing this realm. Spirit knows how to meet the demons: Laughter! With glorious abandon, I begin to laugh, continue to laugh, lose myself in laughter. The fog within clears, the path is revealed, the journey is assured.

As the Horse carries me through a passageway, a tunnel of bone, I emerge into the amygdalin realm of the Reptilians. Dismounting, I sit in meditative repose, breathe deeply, rhythmically, and evoke the Little Blue Brothers. They emerge as showers of brilliant blue sparks of life force, whirling and twirling around and within me/you. They morph into permutations of spectral colors. These bits of life force leave trails/threads of light. These threads weave into complex geometric patterns of multi-dimensional form. Each structure is a portal into another dimensional state. My Spirit’s awareness perceives the one that is open and active, in use by the inter-dimensional beings referred to here as the Reptilians, who now occupy and defile this sacred temple. It is they who have invaded and usurped the Soul, creating conflict and despair so as to drink of the power that is spun off by the conflicted dynamic tension created. The Reptilians have no intention nor desire of creating suffering of the individual. Indeed, they are barely even aware of the individual, of you or I. All they are seeking is to feed off the enormous surges of emotion that are generated by the inner turmoil that they provoke. The Reptilians are, after all, but parasites. 

The Little Blue Brothers coalesce into four-dimensional structures.

 Here is an example:

Each structure emits a frequency, a tone. These tones intersect with the frequencies of the invading entities (all Spirit is frequency), nullifying them, dissolving the parasites. The release of their contained power, the life force stolen from you, bursts forth into the space of the sacred temple. The power resounds with the frequencies the Little Blue Brothers, by means of the 4th-dimensional constructs, are generating. This surge cleanses, purifies any vestiges of the presence or influence of the Reptilians. 

I have created a video using the specific tonal frequencies generated by the Little Blue Brothers via the 4D constructs. I then set the tones into a visual response of fractals approximating the shapes of which I have been speaking.

Click here to watch the YouTube video.

Understanding the nature of the journey, and how it has been carried out, will enable you to more fully engage in the dynamic response of your Soul, in its Sacred Temple, to the work done. Then, by watching and listening to this video – which will activate your Sacred Temple – the fullness of the work done during this journey on your behalf will take full effect.

The intention of the journey completed, my Awareness is carried down the cerebral/spinal stream to the terra firma of the Here and Now. With the expression of deepest gratitude for the Little Blue Brothers, these Earthly Spirits of Celestial Origin, they giggle and laugh in joy as they return to their own realm. Singing the Song of Appreciation, the forces of Earth and Sky, of the Four Directions, of Eagle and Drum, are released. Cleansing myself with the perfume of holy incense, I sit in the immensity of the natural world about me, a place comprised of mysteries greater than any mind can comprehend. It is done. Ahhhhh!


Contributions for your participation are on a sliding scale. Be honest and fair in the assessment of your capacity to contribute. Thank you!

Sliding Scale: $22 – $104

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