Mén-zu: A Journey of the Soul’s Reclamation – Eclipse Season 2020

Mén-zu: A Journey of the Soul’s Reclamation

All authentic Shamanic Ceremonials are the dramatic enactment of the Mythos inherent within cosmological phenomena.

Amongst Earth-based cultures, from ancient times right up into current time, the Moon has been recognized and honored as the masculine principle of The Bringer of Fertility, the Activator of Life. Known by as many names as there are cultures that have honored him, I refer to him as Mén-zu.

Mén-zu, as a celestial archetype, is activated at the time of an eclipse (solar and/or lunar). During the passage of the Moon between the upcoming Lunar Eclipse of November 30, 2020 and the Solar Eclipse two weeks later on December 14, 2020 the Moon, as Mén-zu, will be conjuncting (intersecting with), and activating as Exaltations, the archetypal forces of the planets with which the Moon intersects: Venus 26º Scorpio, Mercury 19º Sagittarius, and the Sun 23º Sagittarius.

There will also be the planetary bodies with which the Moon is 180º across the sky from (known as an opposition). These are (Pluto 23º/Jupiter 26º/Saturn 28º) Capricorn, Neptune 18º Pisces, Chiron 5ºSagittarius, Mars 19º Aries, and Uranus 7º Taurus . It is within these oppositions that Mén-zu is called upon to perform a Soul Retrieval of the specific aspect of consciousness that is embodied, mythically, within each respective planet.

As the Moon/Mén-zu journeys through the celestial complement of family members (the other planets) he activates, in turn, each of the archetypal forces that he encounters within each our own Souls. These archetypal aspects are delineated by the planetary positions, unique to each of us, evident in our astrological birth chart.  With each activation Mén-zu will be called upon to reclaim our Soul Essences that have been disengaged through trauma, disenfranchisement, dis-empowerment, etc – that is, to perform a Soul Retrieval. When the planetary/archetypal aspect is reintegrated, activated, this is known as an Empowerment of the Soul and provides one with a direct experiential awakening of the power, knowledge or insight associated with that now-awakened Soul aspect. In this manner is Mén-zu called upon as the Activator of Life and Empowerment. Whether the need is for a Retrieval or an Exaltation is determined by whether the passage of the Moon/Mén-zu is intersecting or in opposition to your personal planets, as shown by your birth chart when it is overlaid upon the current map of the position of the heavenly bodies in our sky (that is all an astrological chart is… a map of planetary positions).

When and where your personal planets (as shown by your birth chart) are conjuncted (intersected in the overlaid charts) by the current celestial bodies that the Moon/Mén-zu is activating, the Soul Exaltation that occurs is not only potentized, but also weaves your own life intimately into the Cosmic Dance that is going on in the Mythos of cosmological phenomena. That is, your own personal Soul Retrieval and/or Exaltations enable you to carry forth the Awakening on behalf of all of humanity! You are then participating in the Shamanizing of the World… the highest calling a Shaman has.

Mén-zu: A Journey of the Soul’s Reclamation

We are between eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse on November 30, 2020 and a Solar Eclipse on December 14, 2020. The Darkness between eclipses evokes from within our Soul a deep-felt experience of whatever may lie hidden within. If left unattended, these memories, thoughts and feelings are like a shipwreck cast loose upon the waters of our life.

By harnessing our Attention we can bring our Presence to bear as a wind to guide the sails of the ship and bring it to shore. Here, in this epic journey, we refer to that sailor of that ship as Mén-zu. Mén-zu is the Crescent Moon as it makes its passage across the starry seas. As he sails the Celestial Realm Mén-zu encounters Souls lost in the tumultuous seas of our fear, grief, shame and abandonment. It is these Souls that Mén-zu brings aboard his barque (crescent shaped boat) to bring them to land, to home, to the respective bodies and minds of those from whom they had become separated.

During this two week journey I (as Mén-zu/Moon) will collect your Lost Souls and bring them home to you. Please continue reading to familiarize yourself with the method and Mythos that I will employ to carry forth these Soul Retrievals and/or Soul Exaltations on your behalf.

A Note on the Method
I will provide an astrological chart with two charts in it. One references the position of the celestial bodies at the time of the Lunar Eclipse of November 30. The second references the position of the celestial bodies at the time of the Solar Eclipse two weeks later on December 14.

I will also provide a numbered list of the significant intersections (called aspects) of the Moon with each of the relevant celestial bodies, and the dates upon which these intersections occur.
If two or more celestial bodies are in the same, or nearly so, degree, their aspect is said to be conjunct. You might imagine this being like two musical notes synthesizing, creating a harmonic.
If directly across the sky from each other (from our earthly point of view) they are said to be in opposition. An opposition is a dynamic relationship, not necessarily one in conflict.

Thirdly, I have listed each of the celestial bodies aspected by the Moon between the two eclipses. Their mythic significance (the role, or character, they play in this storyline) is given with each, as well.

When I write your report I will be highlighting, in italics, where and when Mén-zu (the Moon) aspects the significant celestial bodies of your natal chart (a map which shows where the planets were in the sky on the day of your birth). The position of the celestial bodies, in their respective astrological sign, are like unto the notes in the musical score of your life. As the Moon is potentized between eclipses, Mén-zu is like the pianist playing the notes of your score, with emphasis of the currently aspected dynamics giving rise to a creative interpretation of the Song of your Soul at this time in your life.

There will be occurrences where the Moon aspects a celestial body on its journey between the eclipses that also aspects a celestial body in your natal chart. This is the configuration that triggers a Soul Retrieval or a Soul Exaltation (depending on the nature of the confluence) and will be the focus of the work done on your behalf. Some may have but one or two such intersections, others may have a half dozen. This is solely determined by the intersections revealed in the overlay of Mén-zu’s journey through the sky compared to the position of the various celestial bodies at the time of your birth.

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