Mén-zu: A Journey of the Soul’s Reclamation – Registration

Mén-zu: A Journey of the Soul’s Reclamation

Amongst Earth-based cultures, from ancient times right up into current time, the Moon has been recognized and honored as the masculine principle of The Bringer of Fertility. Known by as many names as there are cultures that have honored him, I refer to him as Mén-zu.

As Mén-zu journeys through the celestial complement of family members (the other planets) he reclaims our Soul Essences that have been disengaged through trauma, disenfranchisement, dis-empowerment, etc.

I am offering to engage Mén-zu and return those Soul Essences. This requires that I ‘become’ Mén-zu and that I draw into myself each of the Soul Essences – of those who so request – that are engaged during the Journey of Mén-zu. These Soul Essences are then returned, with honor and care, to the individual. The individuals who make that request of me will receive, in addition, personalized accounts of which Soul Essences have been encountered and returned, as well as an accounting of their nature.

Special attention will be given to your own relevant astrological archetypal aspects (conjunctions) of Moon/Mén-zu with the planets encountered during this two week journey from the Solar Eclipse of December 25/26th, 2019 through the Lunar Eclipse of January 10, 2020. These will be presented in the form of a story telling of the Mythic adventure of Mén-zu as he circles around the sky. The astrological chart is used as a Map of the Soul, by which we are able to discern which archetypal characteristics of a person’s life are being activated, and therefore, which archetypal characters present themselves on the theatrical stage of our Soul.

A report will be issued, enabling you to work with the activations of Mén-zu as the Moon’s journey spirals forward in time.

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I will embark upon this Journey between December 25/26 and January 10. As the Moon travels in a circle/spiral – not in a linear fashion – engagement of Lunar Ceremonies may be requested at any time prior to or during this two week Lunar Circle. Includes a personalized account of your own Soul Retrievals/Empowerments that are activated during this sojourn of Mén-zu.

Fee Structure

I am approaching my fee structure in a wholly new manner. There is a fee of only $111 to compensate me for the time, research, investigation and analysis of this epic journey, as well as of your chart dynamics.

Once the work is done and you have received your report and integrated the Soul Retrievals and Exaltations done on your behalf, it will be up to you to determine the amount that you choose to contribute to my life and well-being. This is not a ‘tip’, but rather it is your heartfelt assessment of the value of the work done and a fair compensation in return.  Please don’t ask me “How much?” I do not know your financial status, nor do I wish to know. I cannot determine for you how significant these Soul Retrievals are for you in your life. I am asking of you to engage in compensatory exchange from a place of earnest consideration.

To participate in this Journey of Mén-zu, please follow these simple steps: